VELUX is consolidated among architects as a benchmark in energy efficiency

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Decor : VELUX is consolidated among architects as a benchmark in energy efficiency

Taking advantage of the celebration of World Architecture Day, VELUX has just presented its new project in which it has participated. This is Casa Queta, a single-family home that has the PassivHaus certificate. This house is located in the parish of Quintueles, in the province of Asturias. On this occasion, the company was in charge of providing the roof windows and the necessary accessories to contribute to the sustainability of the construction.

During the pandemic we have realized how important it is to take care of our health and breathe quality air inside closed spaces. With Casa Queta it is demonstrated how architecture and energy efficiency, as well as materials companies and constructive and professional solutions, can and should go hand in hand. We believe that this is the way forward in each of our projects, guaranteeing a better future for all ”, aim Almudena López de Rego, architect and head of the VELUX Spain Technical Office.

Facing north, in Casa Queta black and white tones converge, the predominant material inside is wood and it consists of five roof windows from the VELUX INTEGRA® electric range, thanks to which it obtains the solar gains it needs. According Concha Uría, architect, owner and head of the project: “It needed roof windows to guarantee the solar gains that the PassivHauss standard requires. The VELUX, which are installed on the south apron, make my house fill with light, creating a healthy and comfortable environment “. In this sense, the architect Begoña Viejo, who advised Concha in obtaining the PassivHaus certificate, Add: “Due to the opening of holes that was made in the north, in order to take advantage of the sea views, Casa Queta was going to have a lot of energy losses. That is the reason why I needed to achieve solar gains in the south, and we did not hesitate to choose VELUX, a benchmark within the sector ”.

Regulate the entry of light and fresh air

To ensure energy efficiency and controlled ventilation, VELUX Active was installed in the home. It is a system based on the company’s intelligent sensors that automatically controls the levels of CO2, windows and accessories. All this can be controlled from the mobile phone.

Due to the increase in the glazed area, Concha chose to install VELUX blinds, capable of maintaining a cool and pleasant interior environment, and blinds, to soften the entry of natural light when there is no risk of overheating.

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