Velvet is the new essential in decoration

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Decor : Velvet is the new essential in decoration

Velvet sofa for your home

The velvet looked like a fabric that was already in the past, but we know that everything returns and now trends tell us more than ever that this fabric can be present in our home throughout the year. Velvet is very soft and pleasant to the touch, it is a thick and strong fabric that also has an elegant style, which is why more and more people are choosing it.

Add pieces with velvet in your home can be a challenge, but we will give you the guidelines to add this new essential in your home. Surely you have already begun to see inspirations of all kinds with velvet pieces that you love, with a touch between modern and vintage that is currently a trend.

Who is velvet for

Not everyone likes this type of fabric, its style or perhaps it is not a fabric that combines with everything, but what we know is that it is back to stay. This type of piece looks perfect for places like spaces that have vintage touches, since we always associate velvet with the classic and the old, now renewed. It is also a great idea for those spaces that we want to give a very chic touch to because they are modern but need some warmth. This fabric is great for many spaces but you have to like it. In addition, in places with high temperatures it can be too warm, but for places where it is colder it is ideal.

A velvet sofa

Velvet sofa for your home

One of the pieces that can have the most presence in your living room is undoubtedly a great and majestic velvet sofa. This type of sofas can be put in almost any environment. If you have a Nordic space, look for shades like light gray or pastel pinkIf you like Victorian vintage, add a dark blue sofa and if you like classic vintage a sofa in green or mustard. The possibilities are many, but without a doubt a velvet sofa can be a choice that brings new life to the living room. The fabric is very comfortable and in winter we will notice that warmth quickly. Also, if your sofa is made of velvet, you can either put the matching cushions or make them stand out with other fabrics, to create a certain contrast.

A velvet armchair in your reading corner

Velvet armchairs in the home

If you like to read, you will surely want to have a nice reading corner, one of those areas where it is essential to have a cozy space. A cool velvet armchair can create the ideal atmosphere and be the most comfortable place for your readings. Look for an armchair with personality, as a reading corner draws attention by itself. You can add a shelf and a vintage lamp and you have everything decorated.

Velvet for a modern atmosphere

Velvet sofa in your home

The velvet is often linked to classic and vintage, but there is also room for the modern within this trend. There are many who are looking for modern spaces outside of minimalism, with much more amazing and risky ideas and velvet is perfect to create that atmosphere of glamor. Look for pieces in bright or striking tones and discover the power of this fabric in more modern spaces.

Chairs for dining room

Velvet chairs for the dining room

Another trend that we have seen is that in many homes they use velvet chairs for an elegant and special dining room. They’re all the rage right now and you can find many ideas of comfortable upholstered chairs in great velvet. If you want a light environment, look for colors like blue or light pink. For a more daring style, yellow or dark greens.

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