Venetian mirrors, classic and sophisticated pieces to decorate your home

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Decor : Venetian mirrors, classic and sophisticated pieces to decorate your home

Venetian mirrors

The venetian mirrors They are classic pieces with which to bring luxury and sophistication to any room. Pieces with a great history that today different companies based on the Murano island, in the northeast of Italy, continue to manufacture by hand.

It is believed that it was around 1350 when on the same island Nuzio da Murano, son of the first master glassmaker in the area, manufactured the first mirrors. Back then the frame of the Venetian mirrors was carved wood or ivory, but in the late s. XVIII the characteristic glass molding for which today they are highly prized decorative pieces.

The glass molding is what makes Venetian glass a luxury piece. Usually made up of small pieces, decorated with floral glass motifs, engraved with a stone lathe, it does not go unnoticed and turns these mirrors into an element with great decorative power.

Venetian mirrors

How to decorate with Venetian mirrors

Mirrors are very useful elements in which we can see each other and see what we look like. However, as a decorative piece they also have great relevance. Reflect natural light that enters the room, thus visually expanding the rooms. Those of large size also contribute to creating a greater sense of depth in the room in which they are placed. And all of them, big or small, help us to highlight specific elements of the decoration through their reflection.

Venetian mirrors are also very striking pieces. In the hall, in the living room, in the dressing room or in the bathroom they are a great resource to decorate the walls of your home. At Bezzia we teach you how to get the most out of them, ready?

In the hall

Place it on a dresser Classic or neoclassical in style to achieve an elegant and sophisticated hall. Choose a large rectangular mirror if you are looking for a sober entrance in which these two elements are the protagonists. Or one with a width less than the chest of drawers if you want to dress this with small decorative accessories that say something about you: lamps, plants, personal items …

Venetian mirrors in the hall

In the bathroom

The mirror is an essential piece in the bathroom. However, it is not frequent to find Venetian mirrors decorating these. Why? Because it is a decorative piece that is erroneously associated with a specific decorative style. A bright one, with furniture with moldings and in which marble plays a leading role. The images that we show you below demonstrate, however, that it does not have to be this way.

Venetian mirrors in the bathroom

At Bezzia we love the contrast that is created by combining a simple and modern furniture White in color with a counter top sink with a large Venetian mirror. And as the sophistication and luxury that this provides to the room, it is balanced with other warmer elements such as wooden stairs or wicker baskets.

In the classroom

Above the fireplace. That is the most popular place to place a Venetian mirror in the living room. There are, however, other options as much or more interesting as using them in small sizes and in groups to decorate the wall on the sofa or place them on comfortable framing the sofa.

Venetian mirrors

In the bedroom

In the bedroom it is usually common to place a standing mirror where we can see each other from head to toe. So why not bet on a Venetian mirror? It will be very practical in the dressing room or near the closet, although it can also be interesting to place it in front of the door if the room is small to give it more depth.

You can also use small mirrors in the bedroom and place them on a console or chest of drawers to use it as a toilet. So you can comfortably comb your hair and makeup when you go out.

Do you like the character that Venetian mirrors bring to these spaces? Do you want to incorporate them into your home? For this you will only need a loose budget; Venetian mirrors with certificate of authenticity they are not cheap. If the certificate of authenticity is not important to you, instead, you can find them at much more affordable prices.

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