Vintage decoration – A lovely touch of the past for your home

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Vintage decoration - A lovely touch of the past for your home

vintage decoration elements

Vintage decoration is a challenge, but without a doubt, it is also a lot of fun. Despite modernism and technology d today. There are many people who love that magic that the past grants. In a very simple way, this style of decoration is making its way and has become very popular in the world of decoration.

vintage decoration combination

To adopt vintage decoration, super luxurious or expensive furniture is not necessary. Moreover, you can get perfect elements for vintage decoration in thrift stores or garage sales. As in the flea market.

vintage decor items

Although vintage decoration has to do with the old and usually everything fits perfectly. It has certain details to take into account when decorating with this style. Certainly the most representative room in vintage decoration is the kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen with vintage decoration highlighting the old table in the center

cozy vintage decor

A kitchen with vintage decor should have beaters, bottles of milk, salt shakers or old pans. For the rest of the rooms you must take into account the fabrics. When it comes to vintage-style decoration, try adding more fabrics to your room and the effect will be more than guaranteed with simple details.

Vintage style bedroom with old trunk

vintage trunk decoration

If in your living room you have a fireplace, a great idea is to place a wooden box with flowers or glass jars are also perfect. You could add different vintage objects in the different rooms like racks, images with flowers or old toys.

Warm baby room with vintage shelf painted in pink

vintage decoration shelves

With any old object your home can adopt the vintage style and it will look super good. Remember that a vintage decoration usually is characterized by those original details and of course unique. Everything is valid, from a collection of objects to a vintage work of art hanging on the wall.

Room with wall decorated with vintage-style photographs

vintage decor pictures

It is really very easy to recognize a vintage element when you see it. So you could also create your small collection and display it in some corner of your home. Another very simple way in which you can achieve your vintage interior decoration is by hanging works of art on the wall. These works could be photos with the same type of frame.

Vintage style kitchen with furniture and old but well maintained items

vintage kitchen decor

In itself, there are no rules for every room in your home. Any space can become vintage. Similarly if in your vintage kitchen you have not been able to find salt shakers or old milk bottles, remodeled chairs would also work.

Kitchen decorated with antique green cabinets and well lit with natural light

vintage decor cabinets

You can also use metal baskets to store your cookbooks, keeping them organized on the countertop and at your fingertips. For the dining room you could also use wing chairs and a simple table. One of the best ways you have to introduce vintage decoration into your home is improvising and being creative.

Dining room perfectly combining modern decoration with vintage

vintage dining room decor

For storage, a vintage closet would be great for a bedroom or for the dining room. Similarly several baskets of cases could be a great idea to store. In general, you will have noticed that handmade items give a different touch to any space.

Fully vintage style kitchen where the time of your chairs is appreciated

vintage space decoration

Something that will also help you to give a vintage touch to your decoration is the use of wallpaper with traditional design. Of course there are people who like vintage items or furniture as they are, looking totally worn out.

Unrestored vintage decorative vase and furniture to better appreciate your past

vintage furniture decoration

And there are many other people who usually paint and remodel their furniture or vintage items. It is worth mentioning that you could mix and acquire a vintage decoration and at the same time be modern. The trick to creating a modern vintage room is to find the right balance between colors and objects.

Beautiful wooden table with three old milk bottles as centerpiece and vase

rustic vintage decor

It is to make both worlds adapt perfectly. When it comes to large furniture, try to find them with modern cuts. This in the future will help decrease or improve the vintage style, that is, the old accent that your room will have.

Simple vintage decoration with two restored chairs and combining with the rest of the furniture

vintage decoration living room

Keep in mind that you could play with the bedding, but if you decide to buy a Victorian bed, no bed sheet will do the miracle of making it look modern. We usually never use all the colors of the rainbow. We almost always go for monochromatic and metallic mixtures.

Delicate vintage-style room with antique bed and bedside table and flower wallpaper

delicate vintage decoration

With the vintage decoration a mixture of senses is created. So do not be afraid and risk finding different pieces in terms of colors. Simply choose your favorite colors, no matter if they are five or two shades. No one better than you to create the decoration you want between modern and vintage.

Small office with decorated table and vintage chairs and antique frames on the wall

vintage bicycle decoration

Take advantage of everything you can. From a beautiful old chair, a side table or if you find a rusty element. Just take it and compose it a bit. For example, you can easily use and mix a vintage bedside table with modern decor by simply adding contemporary knobs.

Modern vintage bedroom in white and gray

vintage room decor

In the same way a modern chair can be mixed in a vintage decoration by sanding it a bit and placing a layer of blush paint. Undoubtedly, an interior design that contains some vintage accents makes any room look more cozy, comfortable and also very warm.

Showy antique furniture to store different vintage items

vintage style decoration

Several well-selected vintage items, could give that striking, elegant and relaxing touch to your bathroom. For example, a pedestal sink can give you that vintage look you want. Of course, and I think we can agree, that real estate with pedestal are not so efficient in terms of storage. Since you cannot take advantage of the space under them to store anything, but it works well for decoration.

Bathroom with mirror and sink in vintage style

vintage bathroom decor

Something that you could also take into account and use in your bathroom to give it that vintage charm are the apothecary bottles and bottles. You can use these bottles to store cotton pads or for your liquid soap in a different but elegant way.

Beautiful vintage modern bathroom with bathtub and beautiful lamp

vintage bathtub decoration

As for the lighting, the balloon lights also make us travel through time. A balloon applique on your wash will give some vintage beauty to your bathroom. Similarly for storage you can use vintage drawers and organize your personal care items.

Elegant and spacious bathroom with very subtle vintage details

spacious vintage decor

You could keep them visible on the counter so that you can appreciate the timeless style much more. You could also use wire or wood baskets or if you prefer add a vintage hanger. The lace certainly has a very typical and characteristic vintage look, and no matter how you use it.

Girl room with vintage accents

vintage girl decoration

This simple detail will give the touch to your decoration in your room. You can create and design bedding or curtains with lace for the room yourself. And so take advantage of the vintage and bohemian look that lace provides. Have you thought about the baby's room with a vintage decoration?

Baby room with curtain and cot in vintage style

vintage crib decoration

It is really not very common for parents to choose this type of decoration for a baby's room. But without a doubt, this looks very cozy and quiet with vintage accents. You could consider vintage cribs and combine them with other elements or furniture that combine perfectly. Without neglecting the color of the room.

Baby bedroom with vintage decor

baby vintage decor

Do you remember that we mentioned you to take fabrics into account? Well, for your living room you could, if you wish, cover the sofa or chairs with patterned blankets. This little detail will undoubtedly make your furniture and the whole room itself look and feel more cozy. The vintage style doesn't have to be horrible.

Beautiful and delicate room with vintage decoration in light pink

pink vintage decoration

So if you have a vintage item and you can restore it, do not hesitate to do so. Although if you want you could also leave some scratches so that it does not look so careless. Old frames could be reused as organizers or exhibitors of garments. Or a vintage strainer can simply be hung on the wall of your kitchen and go.

Vintage kitchen with old furniture and pans hanging on the wall

old vintage decor

Fall in love with the charm of imperfection. Do not forget that vintage decoration is to honor the style of the past. Sometimes the best way to create the style is to leave some evidence of the past of decorative items. As for example, leave some scratches, as we already indicated. Or leave the peeling paint on some parts of the elements.

beautiful trunk and vintage vase with flowers

vintage flowers decoration

These are undoubtedly small details that attract a lot of attention in vintage pieces and give life to their past. Of course, each person is a difference, and intolerance to imperfection is too. So you can only see and choose what is most convenient for you.

Simple fireplace decorated with part of a window, lantern and small vintage staircase

vintage fireplace decoration

But whatever you want to leave the pieces or items, make sure they are clean and safe for you and your family. Keep in mind that color is fun and also good. It is important that, depending on the time in which you are focusing your vintage decoration and also depending on the space, some colors could play a fundamental role in providing balance and aesthetics in the room.

Modern room decorated with vintage furniture in perfect condition

vintage decor inspiration

If you think in the 20s to 40s you could use colors with lighter and neutral tones and perhaps with some metallic touches. If what you want is something a little more modern as in the middle of the century you can choose colors or tones a little more daring.

Room decorated with many details and vintage furniture

elegant vintage decor

With the vintage style you can definitely combine or mix any item you find. But as we indicated earlier, you just have to make sure to combine them. Either with color or similarities between one piece and another. An example of this could be, if you find an old church bench you could paint it with some color that you already have in the room. Enjoy combining and placing not so common pieces or items.

Vintage style dining room where you can see the old cans and suitcases

vintage decor kitchens

Like, instead of placing a ceiling fan you could easily place old chandeliers. Use cheerful textiles and place them ingeniously to make them stand out. Try to use everything you have differently and unexpectedly. That will provide charm to the decoration.

Simple vintage modern decor in small room

simple vintage decoration

But definitely the best way to make that unique vintage-style space is to collect and maintain the old family heirlooms. And look for the best way to display them in an ingenious and striking way in your home. Family relics are not only unique items, but also special. Which are full of beautiful memories that will come to your mind every time you see them.

vintage room decor

vintage studio decor

vintage wooden box decoration

vintage garden decoration

modern vintage decor

vintage armchairs decoration

vintage library decoration

vintage decoration pictures

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