Vintage Kitchen Ideas You Will Want For Yours

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01 Tiles

Vintage is in fashion and that is very good news! Antiques are now priced much more than before and in any corner of the home some detail of bygone eras is very good. This also happens in vintage kitchens, where modern functionality is combined with those touches in the decoration that remind us of the times of our grandmothers. So now let’s see the best Vintage Kitchen Ideas You Will Want For Yours

The kitchen, a warm place that brings together emotions and family joy par excellence, will be further enhanced with aged furniture, lamps from yesteryear or details that are almost imperceptible but that together will transmit the essence of the home, the traditional or the historical. Let’s see now many ideas that you can apply in your kitchen without remodeling too much nI make huge investments of money to give it that vintage touch so “cool” and priced these days.


01 Tiles

These tiles that imitate the floors of old houses have become very fashionable and you can already get them in almost any decoration store. There are different colors and models, although the most current are those that are all of different patterns and colors.

I lean more towards monochromatic ones – they give me the feeling of older ones – but you have many models to choose from. For example, in the photo above you can see a combination of them, geometric patterned tiles with large white tiles, which allows you to combine two different styles and provide greater luminosity.

02 tiles

The most elegant ones come in loose authentic stoneware tiles, but you can also opt for self-adhesive vinyls, which are cheaper and easier to install, even on your current tiles.

03 tiles

Another tile idea for the kitchen so i can look like that vintage How much we like this that we have found within the proposals of the store La Tienda Del Azulejo, which is presented with a small design and combining neutral colors. A simple tile style, but which also points, as we say, to that vintage trend that is so popular now.

You do not want or you can not change the tiling of your kitchen but you love all these versions? Don’t worry. At present you can find vinyls They are great, of very good quality and that give a great hit, with different patterns like the one on the previous tiles and that you can perfectly place on the tiles of your kitchen. Just make sure they are very clean and dry, so that it can adhere without problem.

Recycled Chairs

If your kitchen allows you to have a table and chairs as if it were a modern dining room, you have the opportunity to put the vintage focus there. Antique chairs take on a new look with a coat of colorful paint that brings them back to life or, conversely, sandpaper here and there that make them look a bit older than they really are.

04 recycled furniture

Doesn’t it give you the feeling that green is a perfect color for this type of chair? In the two proposals that we see above and below we find the commitment to both intense and soft green color, thus achieving that although they are old or vintage chairs, they can be seen beautiful and modern.

05 recycled furniture

We can also opt for a wood bench which are also a perfect idea to achieve that our kitchen has a very special vintage charm, or also that it is close to the style of rustic kitchen which is another of the current trends in decoration.

06 recycled furniture

On the other hand, instead of looking for vintage kitchen ideas in chairs that are really old, the opposite can happen, and that buy some new and comfortable chairs that already bring that old look from the factory, so that “vintage” then becomes “retro.”

07 recycled furniture 4

Benches are also a great option for the kitchen dining area as they don’t take up much space. If you have a new bench you can always work on it and strip it to give it an older look.

The focus on soils

One of the most practical ways to decorate vintage kitchens is by putting that old touch on the floors. The rustic floors are very practical in kitchens because they are resistant, concealing and transmit warmth to the environment.

They can be in wood, aged clay tile, or batten ceramics that imitate old wood and that also match the furniture.

08 Floors

In this proposal of the upper image, we see the bet for a slatted wood flooring with an aged effect. In this way, and at the risk of being wrong, I would say that it is a new floor but it has that vintage style that makes it look older and that integrates perfectly with the rest of the vintage elements (table and stools) that have been chosen. .

09 floors 2

This other floor is really vintage and we find it very inspiring. A clay floor, which is really aged that blends in well with the vintage wooden table and the colored chairs that we also see in the photo.

This other image that we see above, has a vintage kitchen floor that is achieved thanks to some pretty patterned tiles In this way, achieve that the kitchen has a style similar to the kitchens of the 60s or 70s.

Furniture Doors

The furniture in which we store all the kitchen utensils is another place where you can make quick and cheap modifications, and even better, if you are making the decoration of your vintage kitchen from scratch, since you will save a good amount of money in furniture doors.

One option is to make them with recycled pallet wood, which you can paint with your favorite colors to match the rest of your decor, as you can see in the photo below.

10 furniture with pallet doors

If you already had Roman or Roman type wooden doors, you can sand them well and apply layers of paint (technique of pickling) that make them look truly old. This worn effect is also a trend, so you can get it easily and without spending much money.

11 furniture with aged doors

Finally, the most economical and also very romantic option: hide all the kitchen dishes behind pretty curtains. A style that surely reminds more than one of you of your grandparents’ kitchen, although in the past many kitchens had this type of curtains as a door.

12 furniture with curtains

Another option or idea in which you bet on curtains as a door, for a vintage-style kitchen.

13 furniture with curtains 2

And we have this other proposal in which again the curtains are present. In this case for a kitchen that is authentically vintage.

14 furniture with curtains 3

Cabinets and Showcases

Special mention deserve the cabinets and cabinets that they are furniture that are a dream and that evoke grandmother’s times like no other. Showcases that in their time kept the most precious wedding gifts and the pieces that were taken only on special occasions, can now be very useful to store everything in the kitchen, from dishes to groceries.

16 china furniture

You can find a very special one in a corner of the kitchen or go to a flea market and buy several different ones with which to assemble all the furniture in your vintage kitchen.

15 china furniture

Or you can also choose to buy a display case that, even if it is new, recreates the vintage style so that you have a special element located in your kitchen. It will actually be a showcase «retro»Since it is not from the time it represents, but it will allow you to recreate the year you want with an element that will be cheaper.

17 china furniture

As to wardrove, nothing like choosing those who are small ones, that have wooden doors or even glass doors, as were the kitchens of yesteryear, that combine well with the cabinets that we have seen previously.

18 china furniture

Vintage and Original Tables

The same applies to the tables as to the chairs: stripped, aged or recycled and painted in bright colors, they will look great in the daily dining room in vintage kitchens.

19 recycled door table

Use your imagination and almost anything can serve as a table, from an old door to an old cable reel. You can recycle items that look old to turn them into a vintage table for our kitchen. What do you think of the round table shown in the image below?

22 table with spool cap

In this other image we can see another proposal of what we have mentioned. A table that has a special charm although it has been recycled for the kitchen. With a table like this in your kitchen, you won’t need to do much more to get that vintage look you want.

21 table with spool cap

We also love this other idea, since it consists of taking an old door, and taking advantage of it to place a glass or glass tabletop on top, so that we can achieve a kitchen table that has a lot of charm and that is

20 recycled door table

Always in White

White is the most used color in an environment such as that of the kitchen because transmits neatness and hygiene, in addition to lighting a place where good light is always appreciated.

This is also possible to achieve in your new setting; I propose several ideas of white vintage kitchens that will make you fall in love.

23 vintage white kitchen

In this other image for a vintage white kitchen, the style of furniture is also combined with air rustic, with others who are more modern and a stack of hands that we see is authentically vintage.

24 vintage white kitchen

Or we can also combine the white color of the vintage kitchen with some wooden countertops, to further mark that “old” style that we have already said repeatedly that sets trends.

25 white vintage kitchen

Vintage Utensils

If you want a truly vintage touch in your kitchen, your tableware and utensils have to accompany that idea. Much more, if it is going to be in view of all.

Bright kitchen with white furniture and a bright yellow fridge

Antique porcelain pieces, copper pots, pewter pots or cast iron cauldrons are also …

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