Vintage mirrors – A great idea for decorating your home

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Vintage mirrors - A great idea for decorating your home

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The vintage mirrors They are one of those accessories that do not go out of style. Despite that classic name, it is true that it is a piece that is highly valued and more, when we talk about a stylish decoration. That is why today we are going to rescue them again and also, we leave a series of tips to decorate with them.

While mirrors accompany us in the vast majority of rooms, in this case they could not be left behind. Why not take advantage of that mirror that comes from our grandmother's house or our parents? There will always be a special corner in our home That is waiting for him.

Why have vintage mirrors in decoration

As we well know, having a mirror in any room is add luminosity. It will make these rooms look a little bigger, even if it really isn't. In addition, that added light is always vital to give a more cozy touch to the small rooms. As we see, the mirror is always one of the perfect options to decorate our wall. But of course, if we talk about vintage finishes, we really need them because they combine with all kinds of decoration and, moreover, they always provide an elegant and romantic style touch, without the need for all the decoration around you to also have to be vintage .

Ideas to decorate with mirrors

The style of mirrors today

If we already know that we want a vintage mirror, we must know that it will be a great idea to combine with different finishes in your decoration. But there is more, since we can always keep the original mirror or give it a personal touch. To do this you have to work the outer layer and apply a spray that gives it the color and finish you are looking for. But of course, the most common is to try to leave the basic and natural style of the mirror. Although now we know that if it is very damaged there is always another option.

How to decorate with vintage mirrors in your home

The decoration with this type of accessories is always very simple. Because as we have been commenting, it will be adapted to all rooms and other decorative ideas that we have in mind.

In the classroom

One of the great ideas is to add it to the room. As such, the main walls will always be the ones chosen for this purpose. You can place it between the furniture or, behind the sofa. If you have a standing mirror, do not hesitate to use it also in this room because they look, and much. If you have a fireplace and a small or medium mirror, place it on it.

vintage mirrors

At the entrance to your home

If at the entrance you just want to have one basic decoration, then you can place a table and a vintage mirror on it. You will complete this place with some plant or some basic ornament. Try not to recharge it so that the mirror is the main protagonist.

In the bathroom

A great idea to place in the sink area. Although this does not have vintage strokes, we can combine it and you will see that the resulting effect is more than impressive. If the mirror in question has gold finishes, as usual, try adding this tone in the other details of the bathroom and you will get a perfect and stylish balance.

In the bedrooms

Above all, for double bedrooms. In them you can make an exception and place a combination of mirrors on the main wall. For this you don't need them to be too big. A medium or small size is always better. Of course, on the other hand, going back to the bigger ones, you always have the option of placing it leaning against a wall and on the floor. Which option do you prefer?

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