Vintage vs Retro – Do you know well each one and its differences?

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Decor : Vintage vs Retro – Do you know well each one and its differences?

Vintage vs Retro

Today we get to the front of the vintage vs retro. Because they are two terms that we almost always use together. At least, we know that they are synonyms, although the truth is that they do have some other difference that you should know. Both one and the other have positioned themselves as great options in terms of decoration.

So, If you want a vintage home, you have to know first what differentiates it from a retro space and vice versa.. It is the only way you can always get it right. From today you will know each word much more and you will dispel all possible doubts. Do you want to find out now?

What is vintage?

Although we can focus on the world of decoration as in many others. A vintage furniture or appliance is an object that belongs to an ancient era. But it is true that not enough to call it antiquity. So to call them vintage they have to be at least two decades old. So it is a nod to the past, to look back and reuse all those objects that were protagonists. Since, for example, there are many times of splendor in that sense such as the 50s or the 60s and more. If something from yesteryear, from your grandparents, is really kept in your home, then you have a vintage piece of furniture. Because it is typical of that time and its manufacture was also the same.

Vintage dressing table

What is retro?

When do we call a piece of furniture or an object retro? Of course, we are sure that a priori we think about vintage, but no, it also has its small difference. It is a return to that past that we mentioned earlier, those golden decades of great ideas, but with items that are manufactured today. That is, you can buy a refrigerator that has the design of yesteryear but if it is made today, then it is retro and not vintage. So its time of manufacture is what will give us the clue of when to name one or the other. Of course, if you have the base of the furniture but you restore it then it would still be vintage, because the furniture itself would already be manufactured decades before.

Vintage vs retro

We can say that when we have vintage vs retro we will refer to the fact that the first is the great original. It is the basis of the decorative style. While the second would have a classic style but only in appearance and not in its roots. Hence, everything vintage is always so in demand. Because it belongs to a culture, a lifestyle and a history in general. If you have something like this in your home, feel lucky, because you can give it your personal touch and decorate in a most original way. It is true that there are many people who instead of acquiring something vintage to use, they only want it as a souvenir or as a collection. This is due to its great value, which, perhaps, can also be sentimental.

Meaning of retro and vintage

The most valued vintage furniture

In the decoration we will always have numerous options to be able to talk about vintage homes. On the one hand there are the months and the living room or dining room furniture. It is true that we do not see them as now, but with those carved finishes that we can maintain, even if we give it a new color. The trunks are another of the objects that cannot be missing, because they are totally decorative and will adapt to any room. Both in room areas and in the entrance hall, we will be happy to receive you. Now that you are clear about the difference, you can adapt it to all your rooms.

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