Vivood Landscape Hotel, sustainable architecture that blends with nature

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Decor : Vivood Landscape Hotel, sustainable architecture that blends with nature

The Vivood Landscape Hotel project is characterized by three basic principles such as ecology, sustainability and well-being. The project was developed by Daniel Mayo, a young man from Segovia who wanted to surprise with an innovative and pioneering project within the tourism sector. It can be said that it has achieved this thanks to the first landscape hotel in Spain.

VIVOOD Landscape Hotel is located in the middle of nature in the province of Alicante, more specifically in the Guadalest Valley. There is located the farm of almost 81,000mtwo that houses this establishment, a land full of Mediterranean flora and surrounded by mountains.

The VIVOOD hotel is designed not only for the guest to leave behind routine or stress thanks to the disconnection, relaxation and comfort that is achieved there; VIVOOD also seeks to be an experience that appeals to all the senses, where you can connect and immerse yourself with the purest nature. To this end, every detail has been watched and taken care of when designing and projecting this hotel. One of the most important aspects has been the architectural design, something to which Guardian Glass has contributed with its glass solutions.

In the words of the VIVOOD team of architects, “since the project is to develop a landscape hotel in a privileged natural environment, where the direct relationship with the outside is essential, glass is the material element that determines the relationship sought, guaranteeing the Comfort conditions that are required of a hotel ”. Daniel Mayo and his team have entrusted Guardian Glass with the task of being a mediator between the environment and the guest in the different built spaces.

Nature, sustainability and exclusivity

The VIVOOD hotel is endowed with an infrastructure that respects the environment and is eco friendly. From the moment when it was only a sketch, its creator was clear that VIVOOD had to be a space that was integrated into nature, minimizing its impact on the environment. All this without giving up luxury facilities that have the latest technology to make the stay even more comfortable and comfortable.

VIVOOD LANDSCAPE HOTEL has a total of thirty-five unique, exclusive and different rooms, categorized into ten private Villas, four Pool suites and twenty-one double Suites. All of them with a minimalist design, without ceasing to be avant-garde and luxury.

The suites take the form of individualized cubicles measuring about 27mtwo that adapt to the orography, without altering or modifying it. They are distributed along several natural paths that run along the side of a mountain, raised about three meters above ground level, on which they are supported by a series of metal pillars of variable height, and being completely integrated in the middle. . All the modules have been prefabricated and assembled in the workshop, after which they have been transported to the site, thus reducing the deadlines, waste and conditions generated in the environment. The height above which they rise maintains respect for the primeval terrain. These cubicles are made up of three wooden panels and one Guardian Sun glass panel, and they are accessed through a staircase or walkway, depending on the terrain where they are located. All this means that each one has a unique and personalized design, influenced by the plot on which they are, and not the other way around. An approach through which it is intended to bring customers the experience of luxury and comfort in a completely natural environment. Four of these suites also have an outdoor terrace and their own heated outdoor Jacuzzi.

As for the Villas, private and independent one from the other, they have a size of about 70mtwo. These are the most luxurious and spacious rooms in the hotel. They have a panoramic lounge, solarium terrace, heated outdoor pool, bedroom with 2 x 2 meter bed, dressing room, movie screen in the bedroom, bathroom with rain shower with mountain views, and are equipped with home automation technology.

Among the hotel facilities, we also find two panoramic swimming pools that are immersed in the landscape and seem to merge with the horizon, a spa inspired by the five elements of nature, restaurant, lounge bar and pool bar, meeting rooms, and more. of 75,000 mtwo of plot (only 7.22% of the land is built). VIVOOD’s commitment extends beyond its respect for nature, since it is also committed to local consumption and employment; Among the products offered by the hotel, a vast majority come from the region, as do the employees who work there. Without a doubt, the best ambassadors for an establishment that seeks to impregnate the guest with the environment.

The visitor will be able to rekindle their senses in a location free from the nuisance and noise, light and environmental pollution of everyday life in urban environments. The experience of the authentic, the natural and the wild takes on a new character through sight. VIVOOD’s design knows the strength and power that this sense has when it comes to permeating and perceiving the intensity and significance of what surrounds us, therefore, the experience of the visual plays an almost leading role. So that this potential is also present in interior spaces, Daniel Mayo and his team chose Guardian Glass.

An immersive nature experience thanks to Guardian glass

At VIVOOD, all rooms are elevated above ground level, facing the valley; A panoramic window that goes from ceiling to floor appears in front of the bed, being the only thing that separates the guest from the purest nature, and allowing it to enter the room. The same happens in the bathroom, where the guest can shower face to face with the valley. In addition, VIVOOD makes natural lighting a flagship, something that manages to create healthier and more comfortable environments.

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