VORTEX urban Splashpad®: aesthetics, fun and sustainability

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VORTEX urban Splashpad®: aesthetics, fun and sustainability

When considering the design of a playground in a municipality, both policy makers and architects responsible for executing projects, have a great challenge: the requirement to find solutions that combine three basic pillars: aesthetics, fun and sustainability.

These are demands that, although they come from different fronts - the political and the social - are shared by all of them and that are achieved thanks to the inclusion of water in urban spaces.

Inclusion that allows to promote the group games of the smallest, happiest families and a more united community.

VORTEX shallow water parks are a perfect answer not only for their attractive aesthetics, but also because they become a meeting place where parents can take care of all children with complete peace of mind and security regardless of whether they are in a urban center, in the suburbs or in rural settings. Places where social connections are scarce and thanks to VORTEX's water leisure solutions, people can meet and meet their neighbors.

VORTEX is a Canadian multinational with a solid presence in Spain. From the Spanish headquarters in Silla (Valencia), a complete technical team helps architects throughout the project process: from design to implementation and commissioning.

With an experience of more than 8,000 installations throughout the world, the VORTEX shallow water parks provide safe fun for all ages and capacities, along with operating systems that guarantee sustainability.

Its facilities include Splashpad®.

Splashpad® combines up to 250 different games that generate different movements of water (flows, sprays and spills). All the pleasure of water but without any risk, since children - and not so children - are in a shallow environment.

And how to decide on the best combination of 250 possibilities?

Faced with this question, the VORTEX team comes into play. Professionals with great experience in the accompaniment of architects and urban planners to find the best solution, both aesthetically and functionally.

In VORTEX they know how to combine games so that depending on the available space, all experiences with water are represented without interfering with each other. What is achieved is a perfect combination of shapes, colors and sensations.

And let's not forget the sustainability of the facilities, because VORTEX's innovative water recirculation, capture and redirection systems reduce consumption.

All this completed with a management software that allows you to easily and efficiently manage the installation.

But it is best to see some examples, such as these 10 projects of water parks without depth in Spain:

  • Paterna Municipal Pool
  • Paco Yoldi sports center in San Sebastián
  • Antonio Banderas Boardwalk in Malaga
  • Urban park in Castellar del Vallés
  • Urban park in Oñati
  • Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort in Huelva
  • Bahia Principe Fantasia in Tenerife
  • Sol Marbella Estepona Atalaya Park
  • Camping Bañares
  • Camping Playa Montroig

You can download a free PDF document in which you will see photographs and detailed descriptions of these 10 projects.

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