Wall colors and their effects on emotions

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Wall colors and their effects on emotions

wall colors

We always look for some wall colors that we like them or that they transmit something to us. It is true that on other occasions we are governed by certain rules in decoration. But still, it must be said that colors have certain effects on our emotions and today we will discover it.

So each of them will leave us a sensation for our senses. Some of them cause us to relax when we see them, while others can have an effect that is totally contrary to that mentioned. So, we will have to choose the one that best suits us and enjoy each room.

Most used wall colors, blue

It is one of the great colors par excellence. Blue is always present in different rooms and is one of the main ones: First because it likes a lot and secondly because it has a certain power in our senses. That is why when we talk about him we also have to do the peace, tranquility and trust. All this is what transmits us. But like everything else in this life, you always have to use it in a balanced way. For rooms or even a home office, you can opt for blue or turquoise.

living room with green wall

Green color and balance

Since it corresponds to nature, the green color will transmit balance and harmony. It is said that when we see him, we calm down, so it is widely used in hospitals. But if we talk about our house, it must be said that among the wall colors, this is the one that does not gives more confidence and reduces the feeling of anguish.

Yellow and energy

When we are going through a bad time, nothing like recharging some energy and motivation. To do this, we can start with the colors of the wall. Since in yellow we find that perfect dose of joy and also of overcoming. So it is said that optimism will increase in us. Today we can find a wide range of shades in yellow. To try not to recharge the stay, nothing like a little clearer or combining colors.

yellow wall

The passion of the red color

Although it is also the color red that gives us energy, in this case it tends more towards passion and daring. But it is true that in this case, we must be quite cautious. Because it may be that there is a rather intense and extra environment. So if you think about decorating a bedroom with this color, what you can do is paint only one of the walls. So the rest of them can be combined in basic tones.

The kindness of the pink color

Of course, in this case we talk about the light pink color. A tone that will always evoke our senses to the point of having to talk about calm and tranquility. Joy, kindness and warmth are other meanings associated with this color. So it is also very practical when thinking about decorate some rooms.

The brown and the abundance

Yes, we can refer to it as a color that gives us security as well as, it makes us feel abundance and also protection. Feeling so good thanks to a color like this, it is not surprising that it is present in both the living rooms and dining rooms, which will always make family moments even more enjoyable.

white bedroom

The freshness of the white color

It is one of the basic colors par excellence and is that the white color is always willing to be combined. Of course, on the other hand, when we give it great prominence we will be facing a room full of light and spaciousness. So it is always a reference to take into account. Well, in this case we also talk about the tranquility it offers us as well as the freshness. As we see, the colors of the walls have great importance.

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