Wall Murals – The most creative and personalized way to transform a room

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Decor : Wall Murals – The most creative and personalized way to transform a room

Wall murals are an elegant and creative way to transform a room. These can add great visual interest, depth, texture and equally color to the space. Although you might think that wall murals are the same as wallpaper, it is actually the contemporary and especially personalized counterpart of it. The big difference between the two is that the murals can be modified to adapt them to the needs of the design in the space. In the same way, you can choose from a wide variety of reasons such as forests, beaches, cities, trails, among others. You can even use a family photograph, your favorite artwork, your pet’s image, or your company logo. Of course you can get this through orders.

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Walls decorated with custom wall murals

The Photowall.es online store is an excellent site where you can find beautiful and original designs. They can also help you get your personalized mural with the image and size you want to transform any room in your home or office. If your style is minimalist, rustic or eclectic, in the same way you will have many options to give an exclusive touch to your space. Wall murals can take on any traditional design style, from classic to contemporary. Thanks to this, you will be able to express your personality much more in the decoration of your home or office.

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Another great advantage of wall murals is their resistance and durability. Depending on the material you choose, a mural can last up to much more than five years before it is replaced. In terms of price, a mural is cheaper compared to a wall painting, which has to be replaced every year. Whether you want a custom mural or any of the designs offered by Photowall wallpaper, you can choose the quality of the paper. Their products are printed on non-woven material. Without a doubt, this is an innovative blend of synthetic and natural fibers, which is also used to make gauze, coffee filters and even tea bags. In fact, this type of non-woven material has been gaining a lot of ground within interior decoration, becoming one of the favorite elements of interior designers.

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Prints on durable and eco-friendly materials

The fact that the wall murals are printed on non-woven material is important. This is because you won’t have a problem with mold and mildew as it is a breathable material. So it is perfect in both dry and wet conditions. Of course we must mention that this type of material is also well known and appreciated for its robustness, which makes it very durable. Another important point of the non-woven custom wallpaper is that the special mix of natural and synthetic fibers makes the product strong enough to be washable.

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Nowadays, due to advances, both a wall mural and a wallpaper are easy to install and remove. It is worth mentioning that, when you want to remove this element from the walls, it can be done dry. In the past, to remove wallpaper, you had to first moisten it and then scrape the entire wall, which made it really a cumbersome and impractical job. Interior decoration, despite having some basic rules, is undoubtedly about creativity. No matter if you want to transform your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, children’s room or your office, custom-made wall murals will always give originality and style to any space. With this decorative element you will have assured the focal point you need in the room.

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Transform your space by decorating with originality

Always keep in mind that the surface of the walls certainly plays an essential role in interior decoration in general. The interior appearance of any room can be completely improved by opting for a great and original idea or design in wall decoration. Although wall paint continues to be around, most people are opting for custom wall murals. The design possibilities are truly endless, as well as offering various advantages for both a large room and a limited space. Wall murals are great for adding harmony and exclusivity to interior decoration. So think about what image you would like to display on your wall and get in touch with the experts. You will not regret dressing your walls with a beautiful mural that allows you to totally transform your space and create a unique statement.

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