Wallpaper: everything you need to know

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Wallpaper: everything you need to know

The days in which the wallpaper was considered a relic of past times, something obsolete that was only found in homes with more than 40 years old, have already passed. Thanks to an increasingly mature public in the field of interior decoration and the growing interest in textured surfaces, this trend of decoration is now more in vogue than ever. If you have not yet signed up for fashion, we give you all the keys so you do not give up trying.



Let's not confuse the wallpaper with the photo murals, high definition photographs captured on vinyl stickers and that have a limited maximum size.

On the contrary, the wallpaper comes in rolls (the standard measure is 53cm x 1000cm) with a pattern or pattern that is repeated continuously and that allows you to cover any space without a size limit.



Because decorating with wallpaper is a quick and economical way to radically transform a room without having to do works or invest in any type of furniture.

Wallpaper can transform a space in a way that paint can not do, adding texture, depth and personality with a variety of options ranging from the type of material used for priming (paper, vinyl, cork, metallized surfaces, fabrics, ...) to the unlimited options of models, patterns and colors used in printing.

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Although the placement of wallpaper is a relatively simple task that can be done by yourself, professionals advise against it especially if you have not chosen a cheap paper and this is not a single color because, the chances of the employers not they coincide and there are inadequate paper separations, they multiply and the savings that we had considered at first, becomes a waste of time and paper.

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How much?

The unlimited variety of offer in the market does not allow you to specify a price range, but as a general rule, you have to be willing to pay:

  • Between 30-50 EURO for a low-end roll
  • Between 130-150 EURO for a mid-range roll
  • 270 EURO or more for a high-end roll

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As for the times to start enjoying your new decoration, calculate one or two weeks to receive the wallpaper. The installation time will depend on the size of the project and whether you decide to hire a professional or do it yourself.

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May l..?

Yes, yes, you can paper your house with a own. If you have been looking for a wallpaper for your home for a while but you can not find the perfect design, this is a great alternative. The wallpaper of this children's room, with boats drawn by hand by the space designer's 8-year-old son, is a sample of what you can do.

Thanks to digital technology, companies like Spoonflower allow you to make paper with your own designs.

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1. On all the walls of a space

If you use wallpaper on all the walls of a space make sure the effect you want to achieve. A paper in intense colors and / or with very marked patterns will give you a lot of personality but will give you little flexibility for changes. If on the other hand you like to change the style habitually, it is better that you opt for colors and subtle patterns like this one in this room to have fewer limitations regarding future changes.


2. On a single wall of space

Put the wallpaper on a single wall of the space to highlight it and paint the rest of the walls in a coordinated color. Choose the motif that you like most, be it geometric, floral, abstract and coordinate it with pieces of furniture with more refined lines.


3. With inclined cover

Papering a space with a sloping roof is a challenge, but if you leave the walls of the roof without wallpaper, the effect will be spectacular.


4. In the bathroom

To paper the bathroom make sure that the paper is resistant to moisture, vinyl papers are the most suitable. Also it is especially important the good placement of the paper to avoid that with the humidity it falls down.

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5. Within a framework

The interior of the wall moldings can act as improvised canvases for a wallpaper you want to highlight. The molding will make the effect of the frame and you will have your own work of art in wallpaper.

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6. Behind a bookcase or dresser

You can create an interesting focal point if you paper the back of a shelf or dresser. It will become the center of all eyes if you also show family treasures, as well as a pleasant source of conversation with visitors.


Now you only have to decide, the first step you have it to a click, Internet is full of stores and ideas with which to start to inspire you, and if you dare, share your ideas with us!

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