Wallpaper trend 2020 – New and modern wallpaper designs

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Wallpaper trend 2020 - New and modern wallpaper designs

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Wallpaper or also called wallpaper, without a doubt is a great tool when it comes to interior decoration. Choosing the right wallpaper will add color and style to the room. One of the advantages of wallpaper is that you don't need many items to highlight it.

wallpaper bathrooms

This wallpaper, by itself, does its job and in a very good way. Placing the right wallpaper in the room will immediately transform the way the space looks and feels, and without much elaboration. But despite the many benefits of wallpapers, some people are still a bit reluctant to try this material.

decorative wallpaper

This is due to ignorance, that is, they still believe that the wallpaper is very difficult to place and especially to remove. Some people still believe that when they are removed, their walls will be glued and damaged. Today this is not an inconvenience.

subtle wallpaper

Thanks to technological advances, placing and removing the wallpaper whenever you want is really very easy and will leave no trace of anything. What's more, today, you don't even have to wet the paper to place it. Apart from how easy to handle and work with it, much progress has also been made in design.

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Trend 2020 - new wallpaper designs

In ancient times, the wallpaper came only with designs and patterns of flowers mostly. Today, there are various designs and patterns, which adapt to any interior decoration and there is something for everyone.

cat wallpaper

In this article we will indicate the trend of wallpaper for this 2020. We will walk you through the new and modern of these beautiful and functional wallpapers for this year. So read on and find out the attractive wallpaper for 2020.

ilusion wallpaper

2020 gradient wallpaper

This kind of soft and subtle colors, which range from light to dark and vice versa, has been seen a lot lately in the world of fashion. This has not only been appreciated in clothing or accessories, but also in nail decoration and even in hair.

gradient wallpaper

Of course, this type of technique could not be ignored by interior decorators. The designers who develop the fashionable wallpapers, not only offer their designs for the walls but also for the ceilings.

gradient wallpaper

These modern 2020 wallpapers give life to a minimalist decoration. Remember that minimalist decoration does not require much to be perfect. In this decoration a wallpaper of one or two colors at most, will allow to use different shadows in the decoration at the same time.

degradation wallpaper

In most cases it is not taken into account, but it is recommended that the wallpaper design be combined with the color of the ceiling. The color should match the last gradient tone. Thus, in this way, the effect of degradation can be obtained much better. At present, almost any wallpaper design that the user wants can be done. Between landscapes, photos, images, colors and also of any size.

degraded wallpaper

2020 metallic wallpaper

This type of design with metallic options options right for the living room or also for a bedroom with minimalist decoration. In this case the wallpaper must be black or graphic. But of course it is not advisable to minimize the room with a completely dark color.

metallic wallpaper

For this year 2020 you can buy a matte paper with metallic effects for your walls. You also have the option to opt for the relief, which makes it even more interesting and striking. Wallpaper with designs including metallic is an absolutely new level.

metal wallpaper

This design is bold, contemporary and is perfect for all those people who love risk and be creative. Without a doubt, a wallpaper that combines copper and bronze color, achieves an elegant metallic look.

metallic wallpaper

2020 monochrome wallpaper

The combinations between white and black will most likely never go out of style. These two colors are classic in minimalist decoration. These wallpapers work very well with Scandinavian decorations.

monochrome wallpaper

But it doesn't have to be boring, you could place with futuristic designs and images, with moving images or infinite spirals, in order to create an optical illusion and give a different touch to interior decoration.

monkey wallpaper

2020 wave recreation wallpaper

As we have already mentioned, wallpaper designers provide an incredible variety of options for all tastes. The design of a wave wallpaper can really be very different from each other. That is, mentioning the word "waves" automatically comes to mind the beautiful and calming waves of the sea.

curvy wallpaper

But in reality wallpaper designs called waves are parallel wavy lines. This type of design with wavy lines of any color or relief, are original and unusual, but they also work and fit perfectly in the living room or bedrooms. Even if you are one of the people who like to take risks, you could try acquiring a wallpaper with a pattern of wavy lines and a metallic effect.

wallpaper waves

You will certainly not regret it. Of course, this option goes far beyond the classic and works to create your focus on your decoration, but just remember that this type of paper is only to decorate a single wall and not to wallpaper the entire room.

embossed wave wallpaper

Modern 3D wallpaper 2020

With this type of three-dimensional design you can transform any room in your home very quickly and efficiently. Most of the time these 3D wallpapers are used for interior decoration in the living rooms or in the children's rooms.

3d cubes wallpaper

Undoubtedly the three-dimensional paper immediately changes the appearance of the room giving a totally new dimension to your wall. Wallpapers are an ideal solution for that change you need in your home but without the need to use so many elements.

3d wallpaper

The 3D wallpaper is capable of being quite striking but at the same time being very cozy. The excellent and high quality of these papers with patterns, sometimes unusual with bumps, landscapes, among others, will give the room a distinguished look.

real wallpaper

It will give a great sense of realism and also texture to the decoration of your home. It is a type of decoration for your walls that is quite durable. Increasingly, wallpapers with 3D animals have grown in popularity.

3d lion wallpaper

Where different animals are observed leaving the walls of the room simulating a hole in it. Of course, this type of design is more recommended for large rooms or living rooms. But if you want a design of this type in a small home you should choose the pattern very carefully and consult with an expert in interior design to guide you and contribute ideas.

lions wallpaper

Wallpaper with glow in the dark 2020

When deciding to decorate your home with wallpaper, make sure you first stroll through all the options that wallpaper designers grant. In the market there is already wallpaper that glow in the dark. These are undoubtedly impressive made with fluorescent paint. These are perfectly recommended for interior decoration of the bedrooms.

glitter wallpaper

Since at night these wallpapers will give a cozy and even romantic atmosphere. Of course and it is worth mentioning that the new and modern trends in wallpaper have also included not only the walls but also the ceilings. So you can get and appreciate the beautiful starry sky at night from the comfort of your bed.

wallpaper lighting

2020 grunge style wallpaper

This grunge style frame trend on fashion runways a few years ago. Ripped clothes with frayed pants and holes in jackets were some of their characteristics. Due to the boom that had this style, designers gave way to the interiors of homes.

grunge wallpaper

Nowadays you can also find modern wallpaper and by this 2020 the grunge style is present. Their aged and worn appearance is the effect that characterizes them. Which makes it perfect for some people to use it in the kitchen area. Although it can also be placed to dress a wall in the living room or bedroom.

aged wallpaper

Of course there will be people whose aged appearance will not attract much attention. However, with the right combination between a grunge-style wallpaper and the furniture or colors of the room can be a captivating and very modern environment.

grunge style wallpaper

2020 primitive wallpaper

This type of design simulates pencil drawings and simple image patterns with faded colors. These patterns are with fine lines that are barely noticeable. In them, simplicity is clearly adopted, where the design style is usually the Neoclassical.

neoclassical wallpaper

Art Deco 2020 retro wallpaper

Retro wallpaper has always had a space in interior design trends. But Art Deco is even more present in home interiors. and by this 2020 the Art Deco wallpaper designers are back. With fun and elegant patterns and designs, they are inspired by the 1920s.

art deco wallpaper

These combine perfectly with warm colors, which will provide an atmosphere with a lot of glamor and warmth at the same time. Wallpaper trends for this 2020 take the road to the maximum exponent in warm colors. For now the blue, gray and coastal styles in the wallpapers are a bit behind.

retro wallpaper

2020 chintzy style wallpaper

The chintz style represents bold florals, which give the sensations that climb the walls. And it will be a trend again for this 2020. This design could be considered vintage but staged in a slightly more modern and charming way. These wallpapers, without a doubt, bring a lot of color and charm to the interior of your home but without being too flashy.

chintzy wallpaper

2020 tropical and natural wallpaper

Today, thanks to the effort to be part of a whole and have a better planet. The combination between nature and humanity will be present in the same way in the 2020 wallpaper designs. This design includes from tropical wallpapers to wallpapers with botanical motifs.

tropical wallpaper

These bring a natural feeling to your home and help you feel more connected to nature. Actually this type of design makes you a little more aware that we are all together on this planet.

nature wallpaper

Wallpaper Maintenance

Many times just dusting is not enough and even more when there are little ones at home. Most wallpapers today are easy to maintain and clean. You just have to make sure to ask your provider what you really need.

landscape wallpaper

The easiest and most economical way to clean and keep your wallpaper perfect is to use a soft sponge and some dishwashing soap and water. Just mixing a little water and soap and add the solution with the soft sponge. First it is advisable to apply it is a little visible place to make sure you will not have any inconvenience.

realism wallpaper

As for example that the color or the paper are damaged, although it is very unlikely to happen, since the new designs of these trending papers are made with high technologies. But if you notice that nothing bad happens then proceed to clean it without any fear.

tropical wallpaper

But again we remind you that when you are buying your wallpaper, tell your supplier that you want a material that can be cleaned without any problem. In the same way you could tell him for what place of your home you want it. He can surely help you and give you some advice.

shadow wallpaper

rugged wallpaper

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