Walls of exposed brick, walls with character

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Walls of exposed brick, walls with character

Brick walls

The exposed brick walls bring a lot of personality to the rooms. In addition, they contribute to reinforce the industrial style of the same, a style that in the last decade has gained a great prominence thanks to the many covers that have occupied the loft New Yorkers.

They also become a great resource for draw attention over a specific space in a room. Highlighting a brick wall and painting the rest of a neutral color, we will be able to attract all eyes towards the same point in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

The exposed brick walls can adopt very different ways depending on the type of brick, as well as its finish. We can leave the brick to the natural, with its imperfections, or give it a layer of color. What color? Next we answer this and other questions.

Brick walls

Brick finish

The choice of the finished brick finish will have a great influence on the final aesthetics of the room. Opting for a natural finish that exposes the reddish color and the impressions of the bricks may be the best choice if you want to give an industrial or vintage style to the room. However, whether you are looking for another style or if the room is small, a layer of color could work better.

Natural aesthetics

When in a restoration come to light the old brick walls in good condition, show them as is with their small imperfections is usually the desire of most owners. And the most successful if the room has a large size and we want to give it a vintage or industrial look to the same.

Brick walls

Taking advantage of the natural aesthetics of them, however, does not imply doing nothing. Brick walls should be cleaned and treated with waterproofing or transparent varnish to water in order to avoid efflorescence, deposits of crystallized salts that settle on the surface of the bricks in the form of spots, generally whitish. Treat the walls, also facilitate cleaning, a strong reason, do not you think?

With a layer of color

That the walls are very deteriorated is a good reason to apply a layer of color to them, but it is also a wish to gain luminosity or give depth to the room. Color is a very important tool to make a room look bigger or smaller, taller or lower.

Painted brick walls

If you want to give himuminosity to the room bet on the white color, the most appropriate if you want to maintain a rustic essence in the house using wooden furniture. If you are looking for a more modern aesthetic, on the contrary, dark, gray, green or black tones are more current. Remember, the greater the contrast with the rest of the walls, the more it will attract attention.

How many walls? Where?

If the room is large and has high ceilings, leaving the brick seen in each and every one of the walls is not crazy. However, if it is a small room, betting on a single wall so that the result is not excessive is usually the best choice.

The exposed brick walls become a focal point in those rooms with the rest of smooth walls. Wherever the wall is, all eyes will be directed. A fact that you can take advantage of to draw attention to the bed in the bedroom, the table in the dining room or the fireplace in the living room.

Rooms with exposed brick

The exposed brick walls have a great decorative power and can be used in any room. Living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom are usually the most common, but we have also seen them in the hall or in the bathroom, there are no limits! Do you want to know how to get the most out of them?

  • Kitchen. The exposed brick walls are especially striking in contemporary kitchens to which they add texture and warmth. In these contrast with the refined lines of the furniture and with the color of it, in generally white or black tones.

Kitchens with exposed brick

  • Dinning room. With the main wall of exposed brick you will only need three more elements to create an industrial style dining room: a wooden table with iron legs, hanging lamps and a set of galvanized or modern style chairs that will not have to be the same.

Dining room with exposed brick

  • Bedroom. The white brick walls are one of the most popular options in the bedrooms; soften the rustic image of red brick, they bring luminosity and facilitate their maintenance. Being a neutral color, it also allows us to play with color in textiles and accessories. Natural tones and lavender will become great allies if we want to create a rustic-chic environment, while intense colors such as red, orange, pink or purple will help us create environments with a bohemian and youthful touch.

Bedrooms with exposed brick

  • Living room. Place in front of the exposed brick wall elements that reflect the style you want for your living room. Leather sofas in dark tones and coffee tables that combine elements in wood with metallic elements will bring an industrial touch to the set, while sofas with clean lines or a comfortable minimalist aesthetic will give it a more modern look. And if you prefer something classic? Bet on a clear sofa and a chandelier.

Living rooms with brick

In addition to these rooms, as you can see in the photographs, exposed brick is a great tool to create bathrooms, offices with a lot of personality. And we do not forget the stairs; in industrial-style duplex, bricks often extend over the whole wall of the staircase.

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