Water colors for your home

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Decor : Water colors for your home


The water color may be a color that you have always liked but you have never thought before that it could be a possibility for your home. Why not? It is a nice color and will help your home look much calmer and more peaceful. It is a very versatile color.

It can be bright and cheery or dull and relaxing, depending on the shade. A mix of blue and green, the water color is ideal for beach decor and coastal homes. But this beautiful color is not just for houses near water.

It is also a great choice for modern and vintage design schemes. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant shade or a muted shade, these are our favorite water paint colors.

Light aquamarine

It is a subtle color that may appear more gray or neutral than aquamarine. But with rich color accents, the green undertones in this light aqua paint really shine. Perfect for almost any room (we particularly like it in bedrooms, living spaces, and kitchens), this is a great color for those looking for a little more color without dominating their space

Medium water

This color is a true water paint color. This beach-inspired shade is perfectly balanced between blue and green. While it is certainly vibrant, It is also relaxing and peaceful.

Dark water

If you are not afraid to experiment with deep and bold colors, dark water is an excellent choice for most rooms. This rich mermaid-inspired water is perfect for a playroom or accent wall, and pairs well with other bright colors, such as coral and pink.

Soft water

This color is a soft, dull aqua with blue undertones that works beautifully in sunny living spaces and bathrooms. Bold and clean, is the perfect combination of gray and blue, And it’s a subtle way to add a little bit of pigment to a smaller space. Although we love bold colors in rooms of any size, softer colors can give a little personality without getting too vivid.


Green aquamarine

This is the water paint color to achieve if you’re more of a “green person”, but would still like to create a beach-inspired vibe. It is a warmer aquamarine than others, making it an excellent paint to match beige and neutral yellows.

There are infinity of water colors that can combine with your home and as many shades as you want. You just have to choose a water color palette and choose the one you like the most. A combination of green, blue and gray that will fit perfectly in a home. You will be able to create a relaxed and harmonious environment.

Cleanliness and order are essential in the rooms to highlight the wonder of this color. You can enjoy a very Zen home if you succeed with the decoration! And of course, you always have the option of adding more vibrant accessories or colors to create a contrast full of personality.

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