We tell you how to choose your bathroom tiles well

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Decor : We tell you how to choose your bathroom tiles well

Bathroom tiles

The bathroom tiles are a really important part of this part of our home. Tiles are usually essential, at least in the shower area, as they protect the walls and also give an elegant touch to the bathroom. So it is an element that we must choose conscientiously, since it will define a lot the style of our bathroom.

Gone are the colored tiles with flowers or shades that are no longer worn. Today we have a great range of bathroom tiles to choose from, but they focus on a more current style, with different shapes and tones. The result is a modern and stylish bathroom.

Where to add the tiles

The tiles for the bathroom are a unique detail that attracts a lot of attention and that they have a great weight in the decoration. As the main element in our bathroom we should choose them carefully. But we also have to think about where we put them. Some people dispense with them on all walls and only use them in spaces with more humidity. Others however decide to put tiles on all the walls because they are better protected from moisture. The decision is yours, although if you choose to put them throughout the bathroom, it is always better to choose light tones and a tile with a pattern that does not tire us.

Vintage Subway Tiles

Subway tiles

One of the trends that we like the most is centered on subway tiles, a type of tiles that are undoubtedly ideal for any bathroom. They have a vintage but also modern touch because they are back on trend. These tiles have the great advantage that being white they make our bathroom seem much more spacious. Although not having color they can also get bored, so you have to add interesting elements in the bathroom such as taps in golden tones or a beautiful mirror.

Elegant tiles in gray

Tiles in gray tones

The gray color is a great trend that we like a lot because it is a basic tone that is very elegant in all environments. East type of tiles are carried for any style And the best part is that it won’t go out of style for a long time. The result is an elegant and easy-to-maintain bathroom in which we can easily add many details.

Geometric tiles

Geometric tiles

He geometric style in the tiles is one of the best ideas that we see today. They have arrived thanks to the Nordic style, which brings us this trend of geometric lines. We like those that are small tiles in which the shape stands out much more. They are very nice if we are going to put them in a small area or to highlight only the space of the shower.

Hydraulic tiles

The hydraulic style tiles they are the ones that imitate the old tiles that were in some houses. These tiles had beautiful patterns full of details, making them a very eye-catching element. These types of tiles today can be found in full color or even in gray tones, since the latter are more discreet.

Full color

Colorful tiles

Another possibility when adding tiles in your home is that choose the ones with a lot of color mixing them with other neutrals. The color in the bathroom is always accepted, but it is better if it is a spacious bathroom.

Textured tiles

Texture on the tiles

Textured tiles are another original idea. These are tiles that do not attract attention because of their color but because have some texture that can be felt to the touch and even with the naked eye. It’s a nice and elegant idea that always works.

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