Wedding decoration at home – The best ideas to enjoy

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Decor : Wedding decoration at home – The best ideas to enjoy

Home wedding decoration

Are you getting married but want to do it in a more intimate way? So you can make a home wedding decoration which is sure to be one of the best ideas. Because it will be your environment, you can enjoy your best ideas and also, saving a lot of money, which is always good news.

But because it is cheaper, it does not have to be more boring, far from it. Also at home you can bet on a dream wedding, you just have to bet on some creative ideas. You are sure to make your day one of the most special of your entire life, as it should be.

Home wedding decoration flower arrangements

Undoubtedly, flower arrangements are one of the most important details we have to decorate our wedding. So, try that at the entrance of the garden or place where the ceremony will be held, have flower arrangements on both sides, on the tables and you can even decorate wall areas. Of course, always try to combine the colors and flowers that you like the most. Pastel tones will be the most conducive to all this, because they do not recharge the environment.

Wedding flower arrangements

The chairs and their decoration

For the moment of the ceremony, nothing like accompanying it with a beautiful decoration in each of them. You can cover them with a fabric for the time of your wedding celebration. But you can also bet on placing chairs without covers but with details. I mean, you can decorate with photos or balloons, like the banquet chairs. Of course, the chairs of the bride and groom can be personalized with letters. Isn’t that a good idea?

Never forget the photos!

Photos always adorn and bring us closer to indelible memories. You can choose to place one in the center of each table, next to your guests. If you have a unique souvenir, it is best to place it next to the flowers on the table. Surely when they arrive and sit down, they will smile pleasantly. If there are trees nearby, then you can also put a thin rope around it and hang the pictures you select from it.

Rustic flower arrangement

A wooden bar

With wood we can do whatever we want. Because it’s about coplacing a bar where guests can serve themselves the drinks they prefer. You can also place tables, also of the same finish, with canapés or a dessert bar. They are ideas that also fall within the decoration because each guest will enjoy a more original environment like never before and to be able to have that corner to serve themselves to their liking. At home weddings, we can hire a catering service or place a free buffet style.

Bet on the most natural and rustic style

If you already have ideas of how you want to decorate your wedding but you lack the style, then we will tell you that the rustic finish is the one who takes the first prize. It is because of its naturalness and because it has the elements of nature such as field flowers, shades of brown, ropes and even lace that comes together with the vintage touch that we like so much. Hence, beige or sand colors as well as white are always chosen for an occasion like this. As we mentioned before, you can always bet on cakes because they combine to create a more romantic atmosphere, which is what we really need.

Strings of light bulbs to illuminate your big moment

You do not have to think about large lamps, because with the bulbs you will already have more than enough. That is why with some strips of the same you will be giving a touch of creativity and naturalness to your environment. Yes, it is true that you can also place a sphere around the garden that also provides light. What do you think of these ideas?

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