What are the characteristics of an eco-efficient building?

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Decor : What are the characteristics of an eco-efficient building?

Currently one of the issues that most concern society, without a doubt, is the environment. The planet is changing due to our actions and we must take action on the matter by contributing our particular grain of sand. Delving into the topic at hand at arquitecturaideal.com, it is already possible to see homes that are 100% respectful of the planet. It is what is known as sustainable architecture.

From Realia, one of the main real estate groups in the country, they are very aware of this issue and therefore have several eco-efficient housing developments. One of the most outstanding is the Essència de Sabadell residential with new construction flats in Sabadell, which have countless environmentally friendly features.

But, What makes this building sustainable? Below we analyze the main eco-efficient features of the Essència de Sabadell de Realia that help care for the planet.

Renewable energy

The Essència de Sabadell residential uses solar energy for the production of ACS. What is the ACS? You may be wondering. It is simply how sanitary hot water is known. I mean, lRenewable solar energy is responsible for heating the water for domestic use in the different dwellings of the property. This avoids the use of energy provided by suppliers for this purpose.

Acoustic control

If you are concerned about noise pollution, these Realia homes come installed with a special thermal-acoustic insulation in the windows. This prevents the noise of the city from penetrating the home, in addition to maintaining the temperature of the home.

Energy consumption


For less energy expenditure on lighting, the Essència de Sabadell has LED lighting in its common areas. This type of artificial lighting spends much less and provides the same benefits as life-long bulbs. In addition, timers and presence detectors will help further optimize consumption.

Still in the building natural lighting has been maximized to dispense with artificial as far as possible.


It is also very important to avoid unnecessary expense in managing home temperature. Most standard windows let heat escape, causing us to use more energy to reach the desired degrees. To avoid this problem, the housing block has double-glazed windows with thermal break. In this way, you will not waste energy when you want to heat the house.


The ideal is to take advantage of all the resources that nature offers us, such as the sun or, for example, rainwater. That is why the property has a system that saves water by flow controls and reuse of rainwater.

Common zones

For common areas, it also has other totally eco-efficient measures:

  • Community recycling clean point.
  • Recharge pre-installation for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Community pool with chlorination filter saline.

This complex has a pilot floor that can currently be visited. And if you are from Barcelona, ​​Realia has other promotions of new construction flats in Barcelona similar that you can also visit.

As you can see, some houses whose characteristics are focused on prolonging the life of our planet. Awareness that day after day is more important.

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