What makes a good interior design?

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Decor : What makes a good interior design?

A good interior design must have in its favor artistic manifestations brimming with colors and meanings, capable of attracting and bewitching a large number of souls. By being present in the spaces of your home, they should enhance their beauty and elegance at the same time.

Many are the painters who fulfill this task through the brushstrokes of their paintings. However, among all of them stands out, as an art giant, the painter Paul Gauguin, a pillar of Post-Impressionism, whose most lavish works can be found in the Bimago gallery. If you decide on Gauguin, you are destined to achieve excellent interior design.

Colors and various motifs: see Gauguin’s paintings here

gauguin painting 2

Because the Gauguin’s paintings that you will find here Are they among your best options to choose? The reason is due to two of its most precious characteristics, which you will notice instantly as you take a look at its paintings: first, it has a wide palette of colors; and second, the motives or meanings it exposes are very diverse.

Its exotic theme, but also symbolic, will give a charming and striking personality to your spaces. Many genres and pictorial themes emerge in Gauguin’s paintings, such as: portraits and self-portraits, still lifes, flowers, nudes, landscapes, religion, and even sculptures. Therefore, their theme is definitely complete.

Gauguin’s paintings are the doors and windows to distant worlds. You will be transferred to the beautiful and peaceful Brittany, in France, where he painted paintings such as: ‘Jacob’s Fight with the Angel’, ‘Four Bretons’, ‘The Yellow Christ’; and then finally lead you to the exotic and colorful Tahiti, in the Pacific Ocean, land where he developed colors full of life in his paintings.

In his Tahitian stage he painted paintings such as: ‘Nafea Faa Ipoipo’, ‘Women of Tahiti’ and ‘Where do we come from? About us? Where we go?’.

These paintings, from Gauguin’s two predominant stages, are available at the Bimago gallery.

The immense spectrum of colors makes Gauguin’s work attractive to viewers today. Therefore, by having your picturesque paintings applied to the walls in the form of murals, you will get a design that attracts everyone’s attention.

Likewise, its varied meanings are capable of making different art lovers fall in love, so they will captivate you sooner or later while you visit the Bimago gallery, where you can purchase their reproductions at a modest price; compared to the astronomical sums they ask for their original paintings.

Gauguin paintings for various interiors

gauguin painting

A consequence of the vast diversity in Gauguin’s paintings is that they practically combine with any of the spaces in your home: they are used to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, lobbies, restaurants, hotels, among others.

Gauguin’s still lifes are perfect to decorate your living room or kitchen, as well as his flowers and warm landscapes. In his paintings he masterfully recreates his earthly paradise, which depending on their colors you can place them on the walls of your bedrooms or in your living rooms.

If you have doubts, the Bimago gallery can guide you to the most suitable places in your home to hang Gauguín’s paintings; although you will probably want to accommodate them in any of your favorite places.

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