What should I know about the Health and Safety Plan for construction sites

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Decor : What should I know about the Health and Safety Plan for construction sites

The Health and Safety Plan is a very important document within the development of construction works. Knowing what it is exactly, how it should be crafted, what its content should be, and who should craft it is something that construction professionals should be familiar with.

What exactly is the Health and Safety Plan?

The Safety and health plan, also known as PSS, is a document that is used for the planning, organization and control of all aspects related to health and safety issues of the personnel working on the construction site.

health and safety plan

Its need is inherent to any construction work since, when carrying out a work, it is here where all the risks and preventive measures that it has been considered appropriate to include depending on the characteristics of the work are documented.

Aspects to take into account when creating the Health and Safety Plan

When drawing up the Health and Safety Plan, we must bear in mind the general principles that must be applied during the execution of a work. These principles are defined in article 10 of Royal Decree 1627/1997.

In the aforementioned article 10 we find that “in accordance with the Occupational Risk Prevention Law, the principles of preventive action that are included in its article 15 will be applied during the execution of the work”

Specifically, this applies to ten specific aspects of construction works, among which we find the order and cleanliness of the work areas, the handling of materials and the use of auxiliary means or the collection of the hazardous materials used, among others. .

What should be the content of a Health and Safety Plan?

For a Health and Safety Plan to be valid, it must be based on the safety study or basic health and safety study. This study is prepared in advance by the health and safety coordinator or, where appropriate, by a technician with competencies appointed by the promoter.

The PSS analyzes, studies, develops and complements the suggestions found in the basic study. Alternative proposals should also be included in relation to prevention, which must be technically justified and, in no case, may they imply a reduction in the protection standards already envisaged.

Who is in charge of preparing the Health and Safety Plan?

Preparing the Health and Safety Plan for a work is hard work, although there are currently many websites that offer general plans that can be adapted to the needs of the specific work, such as the documents that you can find among the Ficherotecnia resources.

The person in charge of preparing the Health and Safety Plan is the contractor company.

From this it follows that in a work there will be as many plans as there are contractors. Furthermore, each of the contractors is obliged to deliver to both subcontractors and workers the part of the document that they must take charge of.

In the case of a public work, it is the administration that awards the work itself that has to take charge of approving the plan, after a favorable report from the Health and Safety Coordinator.

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