What to put on the terrace so that they do not see you: ideas

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Would you like to have more privacy in your own home? We show you some ideas that can be useful, aesthetic and effective to put on the terrace so that they do not see you. In addition, we are going to share some ideas that are easy to carry out and that do not involve having to build brick and concrete walls.

With the arrival of good weather, who could resist enjoy the terrace? One of the great complexities appears when one does not have all the privacy that you would like, which means that you lose some appeal.

Unlike what many think, it really is easier get more privacy at home and it is not necessary to do major works on the terrace (garden or balcony), and can also give it a more aesthetic, more careful and personalized appearance.

Outdoor curtains

One of the cheapest options you can find for your terrace, which you can remove, wash and change as many times as you want, are the special curtains for the exterior. You can find them opaque, translucent or use gauze so you can see beyond them.

The available options are more than wide, being able to place a simple anchor that allows you to safely place the curtains and without putting yourself at risk.

Wooden lattices and panels

One of the most interesting options that you can use on your terrace are the lattices or wooden panels, which are the most welcoming.

This type of latticework is made of pine wood, you can find it already painted or varnished, but you can also find it in a natural color so that you can dye it the color you prefer.

Another advantage of these panels is that you can find them in different measures, so it will be much easier for you to find the perfect design for the dimensions of your terrace, or even customize it.

Experts recommend using lattices that have the fgeometric shapes of square or small rhombus, since the amount of wood in the panel is directly related to its resistance to the wind. That said, do not forget that it is important to use specific products to protect the wood from atmospheric effects.

Pvc lattices and panels

One of the alternatives that you can find to wooden lattices and panels are PVC lattices. One of the advantages offered by this type of material is that no maintenance required, at the same time that it is a light material and easy to install.

Along with the wood panels, you can find them in different colors but not in natural color. On this occasion, you can generally find them in colors such as white, green, light brown and chocolate mainly.

Wicker, heather and hurdle

Materials like wicker, heather, or hurdle are great options to add a more natural touch to your terrace. Of course, keep in mind that these have to be used on some type of fixed structure so that you can get them to remain firm and resist the weather.

They are a wonderful option when you want to get one more careful decoration:

  • You have the wicker and artificial hurdle in different colors.
  • The natural wicker and hurdle give a more delicate look to the decoration.
  • Heather is made of natural dry twigs that can have different thicknesses.

If you want privacy to enhance privacy, don’t hesitate to opt for those that are thicker. In turn, it is recommended to use those that are flame retardant and treated against UV rays.

Artificial hedges

Would you like to have a terrace with a more natural touch, even if you are in the middle of the city? One of the available options is to decorate the terrace with artificial hedges that provide a green touch, volume and leafiness to the decoration.

As in the previous case, the thicker the decoration and the firmer it is, you will achieve more privacy and intimacy.

Climbing plants

If you really want your terrace to be based on a natural and well-cared environment, nothing better than opting for natural plants such as climbing plants. You have a multitude of wonderful options, with different blooms throughout the year or being able to choose none of them.

If you live in a warm area, one of the most wonderful options is the bougainvillea, that have a beautiful bloom during spring and summer, with intense and striking colors that will make you feel in a paradise.

Other wonderful options, even some of them with a great fragrance, are the wisteria, Ipomea convolvulus, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Solanum jasminoides, clematis, jasmine, virgin vine, ivy, among other.

Some basic recommendations so that you can choose the perfect plant for your terrace is that you take into account the necessary characteristics so that it is well cared for: light it needs, time of light, intensity, type of water, amount of soil, temperature … In turn, you will have to see at what time of the year it blooms (if it blooms) and also that the ideal option is that they be evergreen so that the terrace is covered all year round.

Plants – natural trees

Depending on the size of the terrace you have, it is important that you keep in mind that you can find the option of having natural plants or natural trees to enhance its privacy.

For example, if you have space to place some good flowerpots, some of the trees that may be interesting to you, such as the laurel. You can use the bay leaves in the kitchen, it is an evergreen tree, it does not require complex care although it is important to know that it is sensitive to frost.

Another of the most beautiful and frequently used options is the thuja esmeralda, a beautiful deep green conifer that is perfect as decoration but also for privacy thanks to its compact size. It is very resistant to cold, so it will be great on the terrace if you are in an area with intense winters.

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