What Types of Adhesive Tapes are there and what are each one for?

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Do youWhat are the types of adhesive tapes that exist? We are going to explain the types of adhesive tapes that are on the market and we will also help you choose the model that best suits your needs, depending on the application you are going to give it.

In order to determine which model is best for you, we must first define its use, that is, if you are going to use it to close boxes or to adhere it to other surfaces.

Uses of adhesive tapes

Painting and decoration: Both for decoration and for artistic painting, adhesive tapes will help protect surfaces from paint stains and other chemical products that can damage furniture.

Construction and fixings: Adhesive tapes can be used in construction and are a great support and fixation of surfaces.

For the Automotive: Adhesive tapes are used to paint or polish cars. With this type of adhesive tapes they will protect those parts of the car that are more sensitive to this type of treatment.

Packaging: Adhesive tapes have the main function of packaging and will allow you to store objects more safely in boxes. The most used tapes for packaging are those of Polypropylene and those of PVC and today we will see some of its characteristics.

Polypropylene Adhesive Tape

We will start with polypropylene tape: is a clear tape with high quality acrylic adhesive. It is one of the most common types of tapes due to its value for money.

It is ideal for closing all types of cardboard boxes both for industrial, domestic or commercial use.

And now we move on to the PVC one!

PVC adhesive tapes

This is made of a more resistant material than polypropylene. It is an elastic material so it can reach hold heavy weights without breaking.

What’s more, its special glue allows it to detach from the adhered surface without leaving a trace.

More types of adhesive tapes that may interest you

We also have adhesive tape with the imprint “Very fragile”, perfect for warning shippers that the material it contains is delicate.

Finally, we also have the marking or colored tapes They are ideal for identifying and marking boxes or pallets so that they can be distinguished with the naked eye.

These tapes are made of polypropylene, just like the first tape we have seen.

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