What your Christmas tree says about you

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What your Christmas tree says about you

At this point of the year, few will be those who have not already put the corresponding Christmas tree at home. Whether you are a forecaster and you have everything ready, as if you prefer to do a little bit of laughter and wait until the last moment, we tell you everything that your Christmas tree says about you. Are you willing to discover it?

1. The Traditional. If every year you adhere to the classic green fir with decorations in traditional Christmas colors such as red, green, white, silver and / or gold, it is clear that you are a conservative person who likes to maintain traditions, changes do not fall your list as far as Christmas decoration is concerned. The image of your living room could well be captured in a classic Christmas card.

Classic revisited

2. The Sibarita. You have a refined taste, you like luxury and good life, and if possible, show it in all its splendor. A Christmas decoration in silver and gold is what best suits your room, nothing is too much, and the more you shine, the better. That's why we're at Christmas, right? There is no doubt that you are one of those who knows best how to enjoy Christmas delights.


3. The Romantic Bets for warm and welcoming environments that invite tranquility and rest. You like the light or neutral tones that, in addition to increasing the luminosity and visually enlarging the space, bring elegance and sweetness, and the white wood is the protagonist of your house. You are sensitive, thoughtful and you like to make your guests feel as if they were in their own home. Congratulations, you are the perfect host!


4. The Fresco. You are a happy and relaxed person, but do not neglect the details. Your Christmas decoration is simple at the same time balanced and cozy. Enjoy the holidays and face them with the same grace and spontaneity as always. Nobody like you to improvise and adapt!


5. The Scandinavian. You are a practical person but above all, clean and orderly. You like to use natural elements and / or recycled materials in your decoration and combine them wisely with details in white, gray, pastel and even black colors. Yours are diaphanous spaces and refined lines, as a faithful lover of the Scandinavian style, you know that the goal is to try to maximize the entry of light throughout the year. We are sure that you already have thought of a Christmas break to Ikea!


6. The beach. And we went quickly from the snow to the beach. You are one of those lucky people who can afford to spend Christmas on the beach, or that, or live in the coastal zone of the Southern Hemisphere. Whatever the case, you know that it is a luxury to spend Christmas at pleasant temperatures and do not hesitate to show it through your coastal Christmas tree. You like the outdoors, the contact with nature and logically, the sea. Without a doubt, you will be very envious to give back from your vacation!


7. The Minimalist. You do not need to have a big Christmas tree to show your Christmas spirit since you can find it in the small details. You are a person who likes to reduce things to the essentials, and you manage to make at least something surprising. In addition all are advantages, because this type of trees are ideal for small spaces and limited budgets.


8. The Industrial. Your profile is completely opposite to that of the Romantic. You have a markedly masculine style and you like to bet on humble, untreated and rudimentary materials. You are simple, and practical at the same time, although with a marked personality because it is a style that, due to cold weather, does not usually appeal to everyone.


9. The Rustic. You are honest, unpretentious and you like to be in touch with nature. Wood is one of the elements that is not missing in your home and you lean towards organic shapes and natural colors. In a world that tends to be increasingly virtualized, the rustic becomes increasingly daring and blatantly real.


10. The Rebel. You debate between the desire to enjoy the holidays and your escape from convention. You want to enjoy Christmas but not in the same way as everyone else, so you question the traditional way of decorating a tree to the extreme by putting it upside down, a clear sign of your innate rebellion. Every option has its advantages and this allows you to put a good size fir without occupying too much space on the floor. You do not lose anything of style and it is ideal for small rooms!


eleven. The Practical For you, the Christmas tree is not essential in these holidays, so you resort to faster and easier alternatives that allow you to spend more time on other tasks. You are a realistic, practical person who does not like to get lost in the details, to the point is your motto.


12. The Handyman. Each year you strive to document and inform yourself to find a craft or craft that allows you to take out all your creativity and make a unique tree of your kind. You are an active, curious and creative person by nature, and your friends and family usually call you to help and / or advise you on small jobs or home repairs. You know you are a valuable person to them and you should congratulate them for it.


13. The Dad / The Mom. Some time ago you stopped shaping your style in Christmas decoration, now they are the ones who decide the reason and you, so content @. So nice you look like a tree decorated with cookies and candy canes, as with stuffed animals from the last Disney movie, that's a good love, but after all, is not it a matter of enjoying it for for them?


Do you identify with any of these styles? Come and share photos of your Christmas tree with us here and show your personality!

Casas Q Inspiran wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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