Which areas of Madrid are the cheapest to find flats?

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Which areas of Madrid are the cheapest to find flats?

Madrid has become one of the most expensive regions to rent or buy apartments. The wide demand on the part of the buyers, added to the little supply, has made that the cost of each home is 50% higher than five years ago.

This increase, however, has not been uniform. There are areas and neighborhoods in Madrid that have maintained a price that, while not very cheap, can be considered economical compared to other places.

Currently there are several methods to know the price of an apartment. For example, you can choose to know the price per square meter in Móstoles or any of the other municipalities. This is very helpful, since you can estimate the total value of what you will pay.

However, if you want to know directly the most economical areas and neighborhoods, you can take note.

Neighborhoods with cheap apartments

If you are considering not leaving the city of Madrid - since it is one of the most incredible metropolises in all of Europe and the world - then you have to opt for some economic neighborhoods.

These usually they are not located in the center, but in peripheral areas, although there are certain exceptions. However, the price difference is considerable with floors that are in much more expensive neighborhoods.

To start, you will find the Lavapies neighborhood. The price of a square meter for an apartment can be located between 500 and 700 euros. Its location allows access to different sites of cultural interest. In addition, it is an area inhabited by young people.

In the peripheral area it is possible to locate floors whose square meter is around 600 and 800 euros. The Tetuán neighborhood is an example of this. There are different sites of interest such as Bernabéu, the Wonder Market or the Kio Towers.

Finally, if you want rentals between 500 and 600 euros, you can opt for the Vallecas district, or the Campamento neighborhood, in the Carabanchel district. From the latter you can choose offers in Fray José Cerdeiriña street.

Municipalities with cheap apartments in Madrid

Now, if your plans aim to leave the city of Madrid and establish yourself in one of the municipalities, you will also need affordable apartments.

Despite the different variants that exist with respect to one municipality and another, since Madrid has the most expensive in the whole country, yes it is possible to find some where the rental or purchase of flats is accessible.

The most recommended options in these cases are Móstoles and Pinto. There are also the alternatives of El Escorial, for its rural characteristic; San Martín de Valdeiglesias and Alcalá de Henares.

The first two are usually the most recommended because they are cities with lifestyles much more similar to Madrid. The prices per square meter are not so high, besides It is easy to find flats with the number of rooms and the desired characteristics.

In the case of the other three, its location and attractiveness are accompanied by prices that, although they are not so low, do not exceed those found in other municipalities of Madrid.

The most expensive areas

But just as there are economic sites, it is also possible to find the ones with the highest costs. As for neighborhoods in the city of Madrid, those located in the central area like Salamanca or Chamberí They have very high prices.

Regarding the municipalities, Majadahonda, Las Rozas and Pozuelo de Alarcón They are considered the most expensive to rent or buy an apartment. The cost per square meter is the highest in all of Spain.

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