Why choose a marble or granite countertop in front of the others

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Why choose a marble or granite countertop in front of the others

When designing a kitchen, one of the big issues that usually assail us is the material that we will use on the countertop. Each of them has its pros and cons, but personally, If I had to opt for one, I would do it for both marble and granite. And it is that these two materials are perfect for surfaces that can suffer in excess, as is the case of the kitchen countertop. In this article we talk about why choosing a marble or granite countertop compared to the other types of materials that are usually used in these cases.


Stones, such as granites and marbles, have extraordinary durability. These materials are very, very resistant to scratches, bumps and other damages they may suffer. Do not forget that sharp elements are used in the kitchen, such as knives, and heavy objects, such as pots and others, so it is very easy to damage the countertop with a minimum accident. If you want a countertop that will last you a lifetime, choose both granite and marble.

Heat resistance

Personally I have the habit of leaving hot pans and pans on the counter. I don't know if it's a good or bad habit, but what I do know is that with marble and granite countertops I am sure that they will not be damaged. Other materials such as wood or formica do not have the same heat resistance, and burn easily. If you are rather careless when it comes to managing the space, especially when you are cooking, opt for the stones as a material for your countertop. You will not regret.


It may not seem, but depending on the marble or granite, it can be even cheaper than other imitation materials. And not only that, almost no material offers you the advantages offered by the stone and less at that price. There may be much cheaper materials, but none is as perfect for cooking as granite and marble. If you compare quality / price, you will see how these two materials are at the top of the list.


Both granites and marbles are materials that never go out of style. You know that this interior decoration moves by trends, which are ephemeral. What one day is fashionable, tomorrow surely will not be. But there are certain materials, such as wood in furniture, and stones on countertops, which never go out of style.

Also, since they are natural materials, each piece is unique. That is, the texture and drawing of both your granite countertop, and marble, is sure to be different from that of the neighbor who also has one of the same material. That makes each countertop personal and unrepeatable.

If you don't know where to go to get your own marble or granite countertop, I highly recommend the company Álvarez y Lastras. Álvarez y Lastras is a leading company in the sector that specializes in the production of granite stone and marble products. They have cutting-edge technology and the most modern machinery to offer their customers quality products perfectly adjusted to their needs.

I hope this article on granite and marble countertops has helped you in making your kitchen. If you think we have missed some advantage of these two materials over others, tell us in the comments.

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