Why get rid of your old curtains to move to the blinds

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Decor : Why get rid of your old curtains to move to the blinds

In Spain you already know that we are very curtains. We like to decorate the windows of our home by decorating them with a fabric that allows the light to partially enter, thus avoiding unnecessary glare, especially at nap time. But lately a trend that comes from the Scandinavian countries is breaking out and that is making friends and strangers fall in love. It is about the roller blinds, an element that has multiple advantages compared to traditional curtains. In this article we will tell you why you should throw your old curtains away to get some useful blinds.

They are more durable and have less maintenance

As I said before, curtains are basically a piece of fabric, and as such they wear out over time and with use. Not to mention that every very little time they have to be washed, dried, ironed and hung up again. This for people who have very little time like me, is a total nuisance.

roller blinds

The blinds are less demanding in that sense. They have a much longer useful life than curtains because they are made of high quality materials. In addition, as there is not so much manipulation due to the fact that they work with a remote control, the wear is minimal. And to wash them, with a damp cloth every so often is more than enough.

They are very easy to install

To install some blinds in the windows of your home you don’t need to be a handyman. You just have to follow the instructions to the letter and be a bit organized when measuring and ordering the different components. Come on, if you have done similar jobs, mounting a blind will be a breeze. When they are installed, the electrical system will take care of their operation. As you can see, everything is very easy.

There is also a lot of variety

Let’s be clear, in the world of curtains there is a lot, but a lot of variety. Colors, textures, sizes, styles … It’s a whole world. But the blinds do not fall short in this regard either. You can request made-to-measure blinds to fit perfectly into the opening of your windows in different shapes and colors. In that sense, a lot of progress has been made in a matter of a few years. You will no longer have to resort to two or three basic models. In the world of roller blinds there has been a revolution in this sense. You can decorate your house with blinds without any restrictions.

They isolate much more

I have commented before that curtains help control the amount of light that enters the house through curtains. Well, the blinds fulfill the same function but they are also great Thermal insulation. In other words, they help maintain the interior temperature of the home.

By means of a good installation of roller blinds, an excellent temperature can be achieved both in the summer months and in the winter months. Spending less money on heating and air conditioning.

And the thing does not end there. The materials with which the blinds are made are antibacterial protecting the house against dust and other similar inconveniences. Even so, not all blinds have these properties. That is why it is important to make sure of it before acquiring them.

Your privacy prevails

Everything I have mentioned before is very good, but perhaps the main advantage of blinds over curtains is their insulating capacity. If you live next to a road or in an area where there is a lot of noise, having some blinds is vital. Thanks to your noise cancellation function You will be able to sleep comfortably every night without fear of shocks. In addition, they also protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation, preventing possible skin and eye problems.

They are very elegant

And finally, one of the most obvious reasons. The blinds are very, very elegant thanks to their sober design that fit in all types of decoration. Whether you have an older style or a more Nordic, industrial or modern, they will fit you like a glove. They provide a unique and elegant style that will dazzle all who see them. If you have any questions, give it a try, you will see how it changes all the aesthetics of the house.

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