Why is it important to strengthen the foundation of a house?

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Decor : Why is it important to strengthen the foundation of a house?

The foundations of a building are very important. They are not only the surface on which the house will be built, but also they have a fundamental role in matters such as: avoid humidity and isolate from cold.

So that the foundations of the houses adapt to the site it is important to consider soil conditions, water tables, and even the quality of the fill.

reinforce the foundation

Depending on when and where a house is built, foundations can be brick, preservative-treated wood, concrete block, or poured concrete, but the most common material for foundations is concrete.

The foundations of a house are therefore structural elements on which the entire construction stands. Different materials can be made and their shapes and dimensions depend on the structural calculation. They are the foundation of every building and are under its rudeness.

Next, we are going to tell you everything about the foundations and its importance in construction, since in many cases reinforcing the foundations can avoid major problems in the future.

The importance of the foundation of a house

The importance of the foundations of a house lies, as we have already mentioned, in the support and anchoring that it gives to the walls that confine the spaces. Hence, the structural calculation is necessary.

It is essential that its dimensions and shape are indicated, since, otherwise, the house could have irregular settlements that can bring consequences such as fractures in walls and, in the worst case, even the collapse of the same.

For that reason, must be properly calculated since their size is directly proportional to the load they receive and transmit to the ground.

How is the foundation made?

The foundation of a house or a building is usually done by following a few basic steps. The first thing to do is draw the axes on which the foundations will be developed.

To do this, a starting point is taken, which is usually at one of the limits of the earth’s surface, and the stroke begins. Once the axes have been traced, they begin to dig and extract all the earth material, arid, and stones that exist on the ground.

A layer of concrete about 10 cm thick is poured over the compacted base cleaning. This layer serves so that the reinforced concrete foundation does not rest directly on the earthen floor.

We will let the cleaning concrete dry at least 48 hours before starting to make the foundation itself. We place the reinforced steel band in the hole, leaving a similar separation between the walls and the floor.

Then we will calculate the cubic meters that we will need of concrete to have the gravel, sand and cement necessary to make the concrete. To make a mixture of appropriate consistency we will use the anthill.

Once we have the concrete ready, we pour it into a wheelbarrow and fill the trench little by little. We will spread the concrete mix evenly with the help of a mason trowel or a rake so that the concrete penetrates perfectly between the steel reinforcement.

By last, to avoid all types of air bubbles and that the foundation settles, we remove as much as possible with a vibrator or by hand, inserting and removing the paddle at different points. We will let it dry at least 48 hours to start building the wall.

Can the foundation be reinforced?

reinforce the foundation2

This is one of the questions we always ask ourselves when we buy a house, and it is no wonder, since a house is our biggest investment in life. Therefore, we must ensure its growth and expansion.

Just as trees need strong roots to support themselves, a house that wants to project upward needs a good foundation.

It is proven that Buildings that are more resistant to an earthquake are those with reinforced foundations. If you are thinking of doing it, but have doubts, we take the opportunity to tell you that they can be reinforced and that also It is important that you do so, to protect your home and avoid further misfortunes in the future.

Next, we are going to leave you some tips to do it:

1. By injection

Mortar (sand, water and cement) is injected under pressure. You can make use of different additives that can be added to the mix to help reinforce the foundation. This minimizes and eliminates weaknesses in the foundation.

2. By extension

The support area of ​​the shoes is extended, mincing the old one and sewing it to the new structure with iron or epoxy resins. You can also build a foundation under the existing one. Remember that it is very important to perform the calculations correctly.

3. Replacing the foundation

This technique is the most laborious since it completely replaces the built.

As you see, Reinforcing the foundation of a house is important. Not only is it advisable to do so but it can avoid complications in the future.

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