Why is it time to change your appliances?

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Why is it time to change your appliances?

It is a matter of saving. Our household appliances involve a high percentage of electricity consumption, even if they are not working. Every year the technology advances and brings us products with minimal energy expenditure.

If you compare between cheap appliances online you can find quality appliances, without leaving aside the good service, so important when it comes to appliances that involve transport and installation. Compare and choose design and efficiency.

How much do appliances consume?

Behind the expense of heating, the greater consumption in a home is taken by the appliances, but we cannot do without them. They are to make our lives easier. The key is to choose a good design, modern and with reduced consumption. Hence the importance, for example, of knowing how to choose between cheap induction plates. If you are thinking that it is time to change the cooking zone, this is the option.

The ceramic hob has an important energy expenditure because it is of electrical resistance, although the price of one of these plates is cheaper, that of the induction plate is amortized in a few years, and having energy efficiency already shows a savings from the start.

The freezer is another important point in the kitchen. Who does not usually suffer from lack of space. The solution is in a vertical freezer, by design, by space and because a small freezer that is too full increases the consumption of electricity and makes the resistance of the work work too much, shortening its useful life. This type of device is increasingly popular in homes. Once you have purchased it, you will wonder why you did not resort to this solution before.

If you talk about making life easier, here the king of appliances is the dishwasher. You can find cheap dishwashers comparing on the net and without neglecting the benefits. This appliance saves time and also on the bill.

Against popular belief, having a dishwasher saves energy. But you have to keep in mind that choosing a program badly or performing the load poorly implies an extra expense in water consumption. On the other hand, the high temperatures to which this appliance is subjected to the dishes make its value in hygiene an advantage.

The kitchen is the most important point

To save on appliances, the first thing to know is how much each one consumes and from there make responsible and adequate consumption. Refrigerator, hob and microwave top the classification of energy expenditure. That is why it is important to replace the appliances with newer and more efficient ones, which will lead to lower consumption.

The fridge is a complex issue because it is always connected. It can involve even 20% of the energy of a home. That is why it is very important to replace it with one with energy efficiency label. The most efficient have a consumption of between 170-190 KWh per year, which amounts to only about 30 euros per year.

Also in the case of the washing machine it is very important take into account the energy consumption label. It does not hurt to choose the program with the most adequate duration and take into account the water temperature. Choosing a cold water wash can save up to 80% compared to a hot water cycle.

Finally, remember to check the rates offered by the different electricity companies and adapt the bill to your actual consumption.

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