Why summer is an ideal time to do a home-style image wash

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Why summer is an ideal time to do a home-style image wash

We are already in summer and that means changes and new routines. For example, we have the holiday period in which we leave work aside to make those trips that we have been dreaming of all year. It is clear that each station involves different routines, and that should be reflected in our home. That is, in winter we wrap ourselves with heavy blankets and put carpets to make the environment warmer. Of course, with the arrival of summer, what in winter seemed cozy, can be transformed into overwhelming and oppressive. That is why summer is an ideal time to give your home an image wash. Eye, we do not talk about a drastic change, but taking advantage of the good weather, the sun and the high temperatures, with a few simple touches we can make our home look like another.


As you well know, summer is the perfect time to paint your home. Why? Very easy. With the summer's own heat, the paint will take a lot less to dry than in the other seasons of the year. That is, what in winter can take weeks, in summer it is a matter of days. Because of this, many people request the services of painters at this time. If you want some advice, contact the professionals in the spring to keep a place in your busy summer schedule.


Personally, the way I use my home in winter is radically different from how I use it in summer. That is, in winter I usually snuggle on the couch with a blanket next to my cats, some popcorn and a good movie. However, in summer you want to go outside. You want to invite people to the terrace to enjoy a good evening. If we always have the same distribution, it can affect us when doing our normal life.

Moving furniture helps prepare your home for the summer. Think about your way of life during the summer. How do you spend your time when you are at home? When you reach a conclusion, reposition furniture accordingly. For example, I remove the dining room table because I love to eat outside in summer.

You may realize that with the change, you need new furniture. When I talk about new furniture, I mean a new outdoor table, some accessory that brings freshness to the environment ... If you want to know more details you can watch Lasan Decor furniture store, which has all kinds of products to make the transition to summer ideal.


The curtains in winter give warmth and hide us from prying eyes. But high temperatures demand something lighter. Something that indicates that we are in summer and that it is not hot just to see it. Try putting translucent curtains that let the light through, or you can opt for something more tropical, like bamboo curtains that will transmit that natural touch that cries out for the house in summer.


The plants not only give a fresh touch to the decoration of the home, but that they make the house air cleaner. Choose Easy to maintain plants, that you don't have to water a lot since it is very possible that you go on a trip.


When summer starts, I personally like to do a thorough mini-cleaning at home. That is to say, I clean the windows thoroughly since at this time they will be given more use, since I walk the furniture I clean the floor well, I wash and keep the winter bedding and take out the summer one, I keep more related things with winter as coats and so on, I put a fresh air freshener that is consistent with the summer ...

Undoubtedly, summer is a great time to wash the house, or do you wear the same clothes in winter than in summer?

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