Why think of a smart building

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Decor : Why think of a smart building

In recent years, it is common to talk about smart buildings, a trend that is growing, thanks to the technological advances that are taking place. This type of building allows greater control over the environment, but also over the actions that are carried out within the property. There are many benefits, but we can highlight the identification of spaces or reduce electricity consumption.

smart building

Security, one of its main pillars

Among all that smart buildings provide, security is one of the aspects to take the most into account. Thanks to the use of the network, it is possible to have access control to it, in addition to monitoring the weather conditions to prevent possible disasters.

Thanks to technology, solutions can now go further. Through devices connected to the internet, smart buildings can detect and alert about elements such as smoke or activate fire prevention protocols, avoiding million-dollar losses in industries such as storage or logistics.

But you don’t have to build a building from scratch to be smart. Building Management Systems (BMS) are computerized building management systems that control and automate various electrical, mechanical or technological elements in buildings, allowing centralized control and supervision, and practically any property can be updated with one. of these systems.

One of the clearest examples of automation is the control of HVAC or air conditioning, nowadays it is very important to carry out the controls of air changes and review of the air filters of the HVAC equipment even more in closed places due to the issue In a pandemic, the diseases that are in the environment can last a long time and even more if an adequate injection and extraction control of air is not carried out.

All of these benefits are available to the real estate industry and any business that operates within a building.

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