Wicker lamps original ideas to decorate the interior –

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Wicker lamps original ideas to decorate the interior -

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<p style=Lighting is often neglected as an easy way to create a particular environment inside. It's easy to think: "I'll put a lamp here, hang a lamp there and that's it." It's a shame, because carefully chosen lighting can add a new dimension to your interior. Lighting really makes a difference. And you do not even need to be an interior stylist to take advantage of the possibilities it offers.

Wicker lamps ideas for interiors and exteriors


Wicker is a material that reminds us of summer, right? It is almost summer and most of our thoughts are already focused on the summer holidays we are dreaming of beaches, coastal homes, vacations and sun. The lucky ones who have outdoor spaces that they can enjoy or have the opportunity to leave only to escape from the city, are those who spend a good time. Today we have decided to lengthen this feeling of tranquility that you feel when you are resting with the addition of wicker lamps ideas on how to add them to the design of your interior.

Wicker lamps ideas to illuminate the interior that transport us to other places


Those who like to stay at home or who, because of lack of money, can not travel much and for this reason are forced to stay at home, can still create a special atmosphere in the home. In this way, they will feel as if they were somewhere else. Add exotic touches and exterior inspiration will make your interior more summery. Also, this will help them feel less stressed, even in a big city.

Wicker lamps ideas to light the house


Tropical-patterned wallpaper, rattan furniture and wicker lamps are the easiest ways to add a touch of open air to the interior. Whether hanging lamps, hanging lamps or lampposts, the wicker will give the impression of being on a beach. It's okay, is not it? This beautifully woven material knows how to move to the beach!

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<h3 style=Wicker lamps lighting ideas that are placed on the floor.

Such tones are perfect for the boho spaces that are so popular at this time. They can also be added to other decoration styles. Therefore, they can make us feel out of place but at home in any room. By this we mean that lamps of this type go well in all parts of the house.

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<p style=We can use wicker in shades of neutral color but this is not a rule since wicker is a material that also allows us to paint. The wicker lamps can be painted white, black or another color depending on their interior. Remembering that each wicker lamp creates a fresh coastal sensation, no matter what room you are in. Sometimes they can be suspended by three as you can see in the next photo.


Would it go well in an eclectic and industrial boho style? Yes, why not? Two large lamps, suspended on the table, placed in front of a gray wall of industrial style, bring a touch of sweetness.


To choose the lighting of an apartment, you must take into account the functional purpose of the room and, of course, coordinate the design of chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps and other electrical appliances with the overall design of a room, corridor, kitchen or bathroom in particular. Some prefer different options for the local lighting of the apartment, while others prefer the central one. The wicker lamps adjust to both options.


Wicker lighting devices in a residential area play not only a functional role, but also aesthetic and even psychological. Surely, you will have noticed that sometimes the poor lighting of a room in an apartment does not reflect the mood of the people better, and the bright wicker lamp under the ceiling creates a sense of celebration and comfort. To prevent this from happening, you must understand what kind of lighting is best for each room in an apartment and what to look for when choosing it.


In the modern production of wicker furniture or lamps and floor lamps, several types of palm trees are used, but the most common is Calamus Rotan. This variety of this plant allows you to make wicker things, lamps and other incredibly beautiful decorative elements.

wicker lamps ideas-design-Maurizio-Bernabei

Wicker lamps are distinguished not only by their external characteristics. They are multifunctional and durable, especially if you handle them with great care. The wicker is a natural material quite strong, which is distinguished by its kindness and naturalness with the environment.

wicker lamps ideas-design-Maurizio-Bernabei-kitchen

The beauty and durability of your lamp depends on the professionalism of the teacher, his skills and experience. As in the distant past, the entire weaving process remains completely manual. And this means that the teacher's professionalism is transmitted to the device, his creative passion and positive thoughts. It is not surprising that such lamps inside each room create the effect of comfort, familiar warmth and intimacy thanks to their nature.

wicker lamps ideas-design-Maurizio-Bernabei-moda

The modern assortment of wicker lamps is simply stunning:

Wicker pendant lamp is widely used in rooms where bright directional light is needed. The various forms of ceiling lamps allow you to play with light and shadow, creating the necessary effects and images.

wicker lamps ideas-design-bedside table

Modern wicker chandeliers are also notable for their popularity. They are bright, interesting and in their own delight. Wicker lamps are widely used in rooms with sufficiently high ceilings, where a lot of light and brightness is required. This lamp will favorably emphasize the beauty of your kitchen or living room. And, most importantly, the wicker chandelier is perfectly combined with various furniture made from natural varieties of wood.

wicker lamps design ideas-Michael-Sodeau



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