Wood stoves – Ideas and tips to add distinction to your home

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Wood stoves - Ideas and tips to add distinction to your home

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Wood stoves, today are more popular than a fireplace. His fame and acceptance is due to his incredible vintage shapes and lines. With their visible classic look, wood-burning stoves can be placed not only in rooms with vintage or rustic style décor.

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But in the same way, they are spectacular in the rooms with contemporary decoration or with any other style of interior decoration. One of the benefits of wood stoves is that it helps to take care of the environment a little. Since wood is a renewable resource.

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The benefits of wood stoves

First and to begin with the most obvious. One of its benefits is that wood stoves satisfy and relax all people. There is nothing better than getting home, after walking through the cold and sitting in front of the fire. The amber flames certainly relax and de-stress.

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Due to their advanced designs, wood stoves burn fuels very competently. Since you can save on logs and not least, they generate very little ash. These are very easy to use and do not require much maintenance.

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As for interior decoration, wood stoves are a focal point for any space in your home. These are usually placed in a central space and between the furniture. There are still people who prefer the traditional and open fire of a fireplace. But in the functional field it leaves much to be desired.

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Traditional fireplaces can only heat your home 15 percent. On the other hand, a wood stove, which not only gives a cozy and more relaxing atmosphere, exceeds the percentage of chimneys. By comparison, these give a heat output to the home of 84 percent more, of course depending on the model you choose.

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But they also provide much more heat to your home than a traditional fireplace. Which means that wood stoves, apart from contributing to the environment and decorating your home in an elegant way, will also emit heat more than five times than an open fireplace.

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Wood stoves are good for the environment

As we mentioned, the use of wood stoves is a very good way to reduce carbon emissions. Because logs are a low carbon fuel source. Of course, burning wood is also an excellent way to reduce heating bills. Of course, using these wood stoves have other benefits that go much further.

wood burning stoves

The consumption of woods from managed forests creates jobs for qualified people in forest management. And in turn, these managed forests provide an excellent habitat for wildlife. It is worth mentioning that despite the benefits of wood stoves, before obtaining one, you must first make sure if you live in a smoke control area.

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Take advantage of the fireplace for your wood stove

If your home already has a traditional fireplace, then you already have part of the basic structure for your wood stove. A chimney will usually need to be lined to ensure that gases rise and exit from the top, without any problems, instead of leaking into your home.

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The flexible pipe, or smoke duct, that goes up the chimney to get the smoke out of your home, should extend at least 60 cm above the roof ridge. Now, if not, you don't have a fireplace in your home, then you can use a stainless steel pipe. This double-clad fireplace almost always goes outside the house and even the roof.

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Maintenance of wood stoves

Of course you will have to clean the ashes and also clean the glass window. You will also need the services of a chimney sweep once or twice a year. This, in order to clean and prevent the accumulation of flammable waste. And finally, you should not forget to have your dry log reserve for burning. Actually, these stoves are very easy to maintain.

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Tips before buying a wood stove

First, you must measure the size of the room where you want to place your wood stove. You should know the height, width and length of the room. A very simple way to have roughly an approximate of the measurements of the room is with your steps. Count how many steps you have from side to side. And for the ceiling, fully extend your arm and see how far the roof of your hand is.

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As we already indicated, you should make sure if your home is in a smoke control area. If you have a fireplace in the room and want to take advantage and place your wood stove there, it is better to take a picture and take it with you when you go to buy your stove.

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You could also take a picture of the exterior of your house. With more emphasis on the roof structure and also how close you are to your neighbors. At the time you are buying your stove, you must ensure and specify that what you want is a wood stove and not a multi-fuel stove.

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How to choose the best wood stove

To choose the perfect wood stove for you, take your time, and see all the options. Today, wood stoves are in different styles and designs to complement any room of any style of decoration. Wood stoves are available independently or so that they can be integrated into the wall.

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They are also found in different colors. Obviously the preferences of each person and the budget they have to acquire the stove is also important. In the market there are various models and brands, and most of these are developed with an ecological design. Many of the manufacturers of wood stoves have a good track record in the production of wood stoves with excellent quality.

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How to install a wood stove

Once you have chosen the perfect wood stove for you, you must make sure that it is perfectly installed. For this you must use the services of a qualified and accredited installer. This must be an expert person. Since the installation of a stove, like that of a fireplace, must comply with the standards of building.

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It is highly recommended that you not only stay with the quotation from a single expert. At least ask for detailed and written quotes from three specialists and verify their credentials. Sí, we have already mentioned it to you. But it's really important, checkr if it is nottos in a area Smoke control

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Well, once already installed your wood stove, the expert will also install a mon alarmoxgone carbon in it room Where is the stove? This is for complyof course with the rules of building Y too for your safety and the protection Of your family.

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We repeat that the person installing the wood stove must be a qualified and skilled person. If the stove is installed incorrectly, there may be the possibility of poisoning by monorcarbon dioxide or diorcarbon oxide. Once everything is ready, you will have your beautiful and elegant wood stove to enjoy the relaxing and warm fire.

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Additional tips

With your wood stove, don't burn sawdust logs and compressed wax. These are made for open fireplaces. Do not go to burn painted wood or that has been treated with chemicals, since they release toxins. Do not use kerosene or any other liquid or chemical to ignite fire.

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If you need less heat, simply light a smaller fire, but don't let the fire burn slowly. Acquire and burn only seasoned wood. That is, wood that has been dried outdoors for at least six months.

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One way to verify the wood and very simple, is that it must sound hollow when it is struck against another piece of wood, just as the wood grain should come off a bit at the ends by the blow.

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Regularly clean the ashes and be sure to place them in a non-combustible container outside your home. Decorative items such as carpets, curtains, towels, paper, among much more, try to keep them somewhat away from the wood stove.

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Wood stoves can be a great acquisition. In the same economic and efficient way to reduce energy consumption in your home. They give a touch of elegance and distinction to any style of decoration. Giving also like this, warmth to the room, inviting relaxation and family sharing.

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wood stoves point approach

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