Wooden ceilings for a cozy space

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Wooden ceilings for a cozy space

Wooden roofs

The wooden roofs They are not common in homes today, not at least in those in which we live most. However, they are an element with great decorative power due to the warmth they bring to each room. In addition to an excellent natural thermal and acoustic insulation.

We often associate wooden ceilings with rustic style spaces, Nothing could be further from the truth. There are numerous options to cover a wooden ceiling: from those traditional ones that have large beams in parallel as protagonists, to modern machiembrados and proposals with volumes that fit perfectly in avant-garde spaces.

The advantages of cladding ceilings with wood are essentially two. On the one hand the warmth they bring to the rooms they occupy. They make these much more cozy, a feature that can be especially interesting when you have high ceilings. On the other hand the thermal and acoustic insulation they provide to them. An insulation that will help you maintain a warm temperature in winter and cool in summer.

Wooden roofs

Determined to cover the wooden ceiling, the next question is what type of coating Do we choose for our living room, bedroom or kitchen? In what color among the many possibilities that exist? In Bezzia we give you some small keys so that from the style you are looking for your home it will be easier to choose between one and the other.

Beamed ceilings

Wooden beamed ceilings represent the more traditional alternative. They are common in mountain, country houses and in general in houses with a marked rustic style. These types of beams, however, are also suitable for decorating urban, contemporary and avant-garde homes.

Wooden roofs

The dark woods and rustic beams are representative of the high mountain houses of our country and therefore ideal if we want to reinforce the rustic atmosphere of a space. It is not a suitable combination, however, in rooms with low or poorly lit ceilings, since dark colors could make it appear smaller. In those cases the light woods or painted white so characteristic of Scandinavian houses will become your best option.

Contrast beams

If you want highlight the beams and with them the rustic style of the house you can also choose for these colors that contrast with those of the wood paneling itself because they are lighter or darker than this. Or bet on beams in other materials, such as steel, that help you give the room a touch, in this case, industrial.

Linear ceilings

Linear ceilings are the most popular in Modern and avant-garde homes. The light woods and / or varnished in bright tones usually in these cases chosen to cover the ceiling of kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. Also decisive in the final style will be the width of the plank. Those with a standard width will give a more traditional air to the room while with very narrow or very wide planks you will achieve more modern results.

Linear wood ceilings

Modern roofs

The linear fluted liners They have achieved great popularity in the last decade, but so have those made up of large wooden boards. The easiest way to install this type of coating is to combine different prefabricated panels. This type of installation will also allow you to disassemble the roof and access the plenum with ease.

Modern wooden ceilings

Do you want to take the aesthetics of the habit one step further? Create continuity between the roof and one of the walls of the room, using the same type of coating, is a trend. Although if you are looking for exclusivity, the wooden ceilings that can help you achieve it are those with volume or as those found in the second and third proposal of this last image.

As you could see the wooden ceilings can completely change the aesthetics of a room. And there are many types of coating, so you don't have to give up giving your home the style you want, whether it's rustic, scandinavian, avant-garde ...

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