Wooden letters – How can I make them more creative?

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Decor : Wooden letters – How can I make them more creative?

Wood letters

Do you like wooden letters to decorate? Without a doubt, it is one of those original ideas that we cannot miss. Because they can be seen throughout the home, favoring each of the rooms where we put them. In addition, they have the advantage that you can customize them to your liking.

But if you don’t find what you are looking for then get to work and do it yourself. By making them we mean decorating them and giving them a more personal touch. It is a way that you can always have what you need. It is not as complicated as you think, you just have to select the materials and you will see how in the blink of an eye the work will be ready. Shall we start?

Steps to prepare the wooden letters

As we have already announced, we did not mean to make them by cutting the wood as such. Because we understand that without the right materials it can be a bit complicated. But if you’ve gotten yourself some basic wooden letters, then it’s time for you to add colors and decorative details. So, we are going to decorate our letters in various ways but to begin, we are going to enjoy the steps to take.

  • Give it a coat of primer: If you see that the letters you have bought have some small imperfections that you want to correct, then you need a primer coat. It is a product that you can buy in any DIY and decoration store.
  • Sand: After the primer is already dry, we must sand the wood so that it is completely smooth. So that the decorations that we put on later are totally perfect.
  • Paint them colors: After sanding, you can paint with that paint that you like the most. It is a way that this way, it can combine with the rest of the decorative details of the room or that is to your personal taste.
  • Cut out cardboard figures: If you want to decorate with figures, nothing better than making the designs on cardboard and then cutting them out. Although it is true that also in certain stores, you will find them already ready.
  • Decorative papers: Without a doubt, for these cases you can choose scrap paper because it is slightly translucent, has beautiful patterns and colors that are not far behind.

Ideas to decorate the letters

Now that we have the main materials, it is always necessary to choose some ideas to be able to complete the letters. Although, as we say, it is a very personal choice:

  • Letters with colored papers: You can opt for one of the most basic ideas but that always combine perfectly. The colored papers can cover each of the letters and add that originality that we are looking for.
  • Decorate with pearls: You don’t need to cover the letters with pearls, but you do need to add them to some extreme in some of them. Who says pearls, says small beads that are not difficult to find.
  • Strings: For the most rustic touch, the strings are one of the best inventions. Also, if you paste a piece of lace on the letters, you will have a very special result.
  • Keychain figurines: If you have a keychain but you don’t use the figurines that usually come with them, then take advantage of them. You can hang them from the letters or glue them, if they are small.
  • Decoupage Technique: You can do it with colored napkins and you just have to apply glue, glue the paper to the letter in question and then we will also apply glue on top. With a alija you will remove the leftovers, add varnish for the letter and that’s it.
  • With wool: You can also roll yarn into them, combine several skeins and this will make you even have a gradient style with a little imagination.

As we can see, they are ideas for all tastes and that is, with wooden letters creativity will be at our fingertips. Which one did you like the most?

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