Wool pompoms – Quick and easy ideas to decorate your home

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Decor : Wool pompoms – Quick and easy ideas to decorate your home

How to make wool pompoms

Do you want to make wool pompoms? Then you cannot miss the ideas that we bring you. Because you will be able to carry them out in a simple, fast way and also, in different sizes. Of course, it is something that we should not miss because once made, they are used for many decorations.

Pompoms have always been one of the most recognized details and that complement all kinds of fabrics or materials. From making a rug with them, to being part of accessories and even fashion. If you want to fill your house with them, then this is the time. We started!

How to make wool pompoms with a fork

Sometimes we think that crafts can become more complicated. But With a ball of wool, the color you prefer, and a fork we will have the materials ready to start making our pompom. Of course, in this case they will come out tiny, so they will be perfect for decorating accessories or your favorite clothes.

First, we must go twisting the wool, in the central part of the teeth of the fork. The more laps we make, the thicker our result will be. When you already have the amount you need, cut the wool yarn and now you will have to knot both the initial part of the yarn and the final part, adjusting it well. Now we take a new piece of yarn to tie it tightly in the central part of our pompom to remove it from the fork. Now we just have to cut the edges. We will shape them so that our pom pom has a regular finish. Clever!

Wool pompoms with cardboard

If the fork does not convince you and you want a little bigger pom poms then you also have the option of using a cardboard. Yes, it is another of the great ideas that will not take you much time either. In this case, we will need two pieces of rectangular cardboard. On both sides, we will make a small slot that we will cut with the scissors. Now we must put one cardboard on another and begin to wrap the wool over them, starting from one slot and passing it through the second. The next step is to spin the wool until it has a good thickness, since as you know, this determines that the pompom is fluffier. When you have it, you must fix the result with the thread on one side and on the other, cut its side with the scissors. You can even combine colored yarns!

How to make a pom pom rug

Now that we have seen how to make pompoms, we need them to be a decorative part. Therefore, one of the great ideas that always triumph is Make a Pom Pom Rug. It is really simple and of course, it will leave you a basic piece as well as perfect. On the one hand you can get a mesh base and thus, tie the pompoms to it. Something that works well since the wool pompoms are well attached. But on the other hand, you can always bet on making your carpet with a rope, twisting it to make the base and applying a little glue so that it does not fall apart.

When you have it, it is time to also glue the pompoms on the carpet. Yes, that moment may take you a little time, but of course, the result is very special. It is best to bet on the combination of colored pompoms, for a more creative and beautiful effect. Of course you can also include pompoms of the same size and large to finish before, or combine different sizes. That will always be to your liking, because in both cases it will be perfect. If you like it, don’t miss the chance to bet on an idea like this. Tell us how it turned out!

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