Zen decoration – How to achieve balance and harmony in your home

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Zen decoration - How to achieve balance and harmony in your home

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Zen decoration reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. Today, with the hectic lifestyle you have, it is sometimes a bit difficult to be relaxed and calm. That is why the importance of creating a calm and cozy atmosphere in homes has been achieved.

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Likewise, because of this, Zen decoration has increased its popularity and is a trend today. Well, Zen in Japanese refers to meditation and harmony. By adopting this decoration and incorporating all this beauty represented in nature you establish a link with the whole. Providing benefits for both you and your home.

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Balance and harmony with Zen decoration

In general, Zen decoration is closely linked to minimalism and simplicity. And yes, the Zen decoration may seem very similar since in some aspects they intersect. In Zen decoration, natural materials, light, space are taken into account and they completely reject the disorder.

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A Zen home is certainly a relaxing, balanced and welcoming place. We will indicate simple tips for you to transform your home into a balanced, harmonious and relaxing space, just continue reading. For some people, Zen decoration is only about clear, unobstructed, almost empty or open spaces.

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Probably with hidden storage and nothing flashy and of course no clutter. However, for other people, Zen decoration is just paying tribute to nature. In which natural materials with earthy colors are included to create your space of comfort and relaxation.

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And for other people, Zen decoration must have a traditional or contemporary Japanese touch. It is worth mentioning that in this article we will try to help you create a calm, relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in your home, based on a modern decoration.

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Straight lines and simple furniture

Many times curved lines and patterns lead to visual disturbance. Otherwise keeping the lines straight and straight gives a feeling of serenity, aesthetically speaking. So it is best to choose minimalist lines, which work perfectly in a contemporary decoration.

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Zen-style furniture stands out for simple and clear lines, without complicated details. Usually the furniture is made of original materials since they give a little more warmth and relaxation. As for the storage furniture they must match and combine their colors with the rest of the interior decoration.

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As for the bedroom, really important space, there are some key tips and recommendations. Preferably place your bed so that it can receive natural light. In any way possible, avoid placing it in front of the door of the room. Similarly, the decoration of your bed should not be exaggerated.

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As for the bedside tables, they are certainly very useful as if you have a reading corner. Just remember to be very careful in choosing furniture with appropriate lines and patterns. Usually the furniture in the Zen spaces is low, the closer your furniture is to the more comfortable floor you will feel.

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Hidden or built-in and mess-free storage

This type of storage makes a lot of sense, because the Zen decoration tries to maintain simplicity and visual clarity. It is not advisable to buy shelves or storage cabinets and have them full of things and items in sight.

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Instead it is much more aesthetic to make a hidden storage and that it integrates properly with the decoration in general. With cleverly hidden storage, creating clean lines will make a zen space much easier and free of all clutter.

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It is important to always keep in mind that, if the storage is hidden and integrated into the decoration of your home, all items or objects that may be messy will instantly disappear. The disorder has no place in Zen aesthetics, but simplicity does. The disorder obviously prevents relaxation, which is exactly what is wanted with Zen decoration.

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Of course we always need to have and have many more things. But in reality we must adopt the habit of having what is necessary and everything in perfect organization and storage. Very generally, ornaments and decorative objects that are exhibited in smaller quantities, are much more notable and appreciated by all. That is, a single piece of art hanging on the wall will always stand out much more than an art collection.

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Soft and natural lighting

The spaces that are much more relaxing are those where the natural is present and also where there is a more cozy and intimate lighting. In Zen decoration, strong or fluorescent lighting does not work well, there are many options to incorporate adequate lighting. You can opt for some sconces or lighting that can regulate the intensity.

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The natural salt lamps are great. These act as an air purifier, as well as relieve and reduce stress and increase your energy. It has a very low voltage bulb, which provides a serene and warm light that covers the entire room and as a decorative item they are really beautiful.

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Natural and simple materials

Something that also characterizes Zen spaces is the incorporation of natural elements. Wood and bamboo are the main and people's favorite options. But you also have many more choices to combine such as stones, crystals and geodes.

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These properly placed provide a cozy atmosphere. The clay vases are beautiful and also give a natural touch to the decoration of your Zen home. This is just to mention some elements, but there are many things you can choose to evoke nature.

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Beautiful vegetation

No doubt lagoon, the plants have a relaxing effect. It includes small plants in a neutral pot and will give you a sense of tranquility in your bedroom. Of course, fresh flowers freshly cut and placed in a vase are beautiful.

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But in a Zen space, living and uncut vegetation is much more recommended and functional. Just to mention a few, hanging terrariums and bonsai are an excellent option and are usually the most used. Try not to buy plants that need so much maintenance or that you don't like their smell.

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Subtle and cozy simplicity

Zen decoration does not include a decoration with a lot of brightness or overflowing elegance. Here, pieces, objects or furniture that provide warmth and visual tranquility are taken much more into account. Zen spaces don't try to get attention to impress. So the more subtle, cozy and warm the articles and furniture for decorating your home will be much better to provide a Zen space.

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Choose earthy colors

The colors that are most used in the decoration for Zen spaces are different versions of the colors white, tan, cream, beige and gray. These colors in soft tones have the characteristic of calling for relaxation and peace. Of course you must be careful when combining several colors. But if you decide to decorate your monochromatic zen space, then try to include some discreet tones and textures. There are also several ways to include these colors in the decoration.

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For example, pastel-colored bowls placed on the dining room table, whether rustic or farm-style, provide a peaceful and relaxed dining sensation. So make sure you get softer shades of your favorite color. And incorporate in the same way neutral tones and also those inspired by nature.

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Rest and softness under the feet

Either with the softness of a carpet or with the comfort of an ottoman, resting your feet is something that is also taken into account in Zen decoration. Every corner of a Zen space is to provide and feel comfort, relaxation and tranquility. A small detail about carpets is that they give a much more Zen feel when they are made of natural fiber. In addition to protecting the floor a little more and giving a neutral touch, depending on the color you choose.

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Natural and light fabrics

The theme of fabrics and fabrics is sometimes a bit more complicated than choosing decorative furniture and accessories. To make this point a little easier, just focus on the choice of natural fabrics. As is the case with cotton, wool or linen.

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And of course, preferably the fabrics are light or neutral in color, and there would be no problem if you choose them with a bit of natural texture. It is worth remembering that fabrics should also be natural, light, comfortable and relaxing as well as the rest of the decoration.

zen curtains decoration

One of the fundamental elements in the decoration of a Zen space inside the home, are the curtains. These can contribute to the reduction of outside noise. As well as blocking a little the air that enters and also gives a feeling of intimacy.

zen decoration light curtain

As important as the type of fabric you could choose for curtains you should also be aware and make sure that the fixing system matches and is in good condition. Now, if you prefer a slightly more elaborate element, then you could opt for the blinds that can modulate the light. This will give a different but equally cozy atmosphere.

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Connection of the interior with the exterior.

Of course, this is mostly for homes that have gardens or a view of nature. Due to always keeping in mind the natural, Zen decoration moves to another level when the interior of your home and the exterior are almost the same space. With simple glass doors you can create this indescribable experience.

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A glass door or windows that can allow you to observe your garden or the beautiful view you have of nature. Of course there are also other very simple ways. Like the wallpaper with beautiful landscapes and which are very easy to place and remove.

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Hide the electronics

Every electronic device is a great distraction and does not integrate properly into Zen decoration. It is normal that you need to have a television. But you could choose to place it in a very discreet area or simply hide it in a closet or special furniture for it. Similarly important, you must hide or camouflage all cables.

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Since these can disturb the quiet environment in your home. Every little detail of color, plants, texture, organization, among many others, makes positive energy flow properly in your home. But electronics is very disturbing for this good energy that flows around your home. Even cell phone chargers must be stored and not visible in a true Zen space.

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Aesthetic balance

Of course, this is not just for decorating Zen spaces. But for all the different styles of decoration and design. But in Zen spaces balance is of the utmost importance. You must ensure that each piece and element is part and complements the other. Since otherwise you could get a very daunting and somewhat unpleasant effect.

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Improve the space even more with natural aromas

The aromas also help and work perfectly to accentuate the Zen space of your decoration. It is proven that aromas also contribute to reducing stress and maintaining tranquility. You could use homemade flax spray or essential oils. These are very natural ways to improve the environment in your home.

zen aroma decoration

With fresh and suitable aromas, they will not only help you relax before bedtime. But they will also clean and give you more vitality when waking up in the morning. The beauty and attractiveness of Zen decoration is in its simplicity. And how important it is to focus on the truly essential.

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Many times, we don't see the simple things in life, and that is why the pace of life that most people have today. We must give more importance to those little details that surround us every day. Enjoy and relax. To have a much more pleasant and lasting life.

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